Admin (and lack thereof)

Arrrrggggghhhhh :!: :!: :!:

Just got a phone call from my boss - apparently I was supposed to be on a course which started yesterday. I never recieved the joining instructions, so never knew about it!
Anyway, being the conscientious young officer that I am, I phoned up the training wing concerned, but it's too late to go on the course :(
What really grips my shite is that when I submitted the bid, I put all the relevant contact numbers on there, so they could have phoned me. Likewise, I'm sure that they usually include a form to return, acknowledging receipt of JIs. Don't people chase up when they aren't received?
Anyway, isn't the army slowly moving into the IT age? Why not e-mail the JIs as well, to ensure people get them, I mean, who doesn't have e-mail these days?

I've now got to wait 3 months for the next course to roll around. Great! Not.


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