Discussion in 'Officers' started by dwills, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. Hello. I'm liking for a job spec for the role of adjutant.

    Any got one, pointers, a bit of humour, just to please all :)

    Carry on....
  2. With grammar like that,are you ******* serious?
  3. Did you miss a space out?

    Smartphones are not that smart...
  4. With what unit or corps?
  5. The ability to turn upon time and not forget the CO's paperwork is a good job spec...
  6. Adj job spec:

    The CO's Secretary.

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  7. Your grammer makes you the perfect candidate. Can you start a week on Monday?

    I'm liking the role as Chief of General Staff.
  8. For secretary read Biaaaatch!
  9. Amended to reflect (observed) reality.
  10. SSA the Adjts bitch - ring any bells legs?
  11. That's how I know! Woof!
  12. As a former Chief Clerk I served six Adjutants in four years. They exist to bully Subalterns in the Mess and sign whatever the Chief Clerk tells them to sign. Other than drafting visit programmes, it is difficult to see the point of an adjutant.
  13. Why would his grammer make him the perfect candidate? Would she put in a good word for him? I suppose his grandpa could, as well. Mind you, his grammar isn't very good, either.
  14. You do whatever the CO deems necessary, from making the brews, keeping his diary, briefing his driver, organising VIP visits, drafting and proof reading letters and documents, coordinating disciplinary action at Unit level and, above all else, you guard the CO's MS flank. There is more, much more, this little lot is just off the top of my head. It's not what I would describe as a fun job, but you will learn a tremendous amount about command and administration.
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  15. As a former Adjt, I served with 2 Chief Clerks over 2 years and have had to suffer one or two utter twats at staff. To be fair, at RD they were bloody good chaps (but that was before AGC). The role of the Chief Clerk is to help bluff the CO that the Adjt's a damn fine chap and should be a CO one day himself. Other than that, and I suppose being friendly with the beastly RSM, difficult to see the point.
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