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Discussion in 'Officers' started by headdown, Jun 14, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know or can they suggest which courses one should/must do before taking up an adjutant's post?
  2. The 5 day long units discipline and administration course at worthy down
    There is a 2 day jpa appraisal administrator course which apparently is worth doing also
  3. DFSS Master Brew Making course
  4. Can I suggest asking your current Adj??? There are some pre-requisite courses and some that you are required to do once in post. None of them are too demanding but they are worth doing as early as possible once in post.
  5. The "learn to spell employment correctly" course might be a good start.
  6. would have done that but I am at the far end of a long and hot supply chain with little company.

    Sorry about the sausage fingers in the title and ta for the advice so far-I had figured the brew bit out already.
  7. The MK2 bits you need to do - is it the first 5 modules?

    Discipline course, as mentioned.

    The JPA adminstrators course will allow you to know what your SSA and/or chief Clerk are doing OR know what they aren't doing/haven't done before you get a bollo**ing for not completing something.

    EO&D might be worth a shout, depending on what you are to be Adjt of and will you be responsible for any civvis (HE INVOLUNTARILY SHUDDERS)?

    Is this a defo posting for you, or just an aspiration that you're trying to pre-empt by getting courses under your belt? In my wxperience merely placing I WANT ADJT on your OJAR every year from commissioning forward will get that bit noticed. Eventually, COs will write things like "I could see Capt Snooks as my adjt (good)/an adjt (they don't like you, but see your potential)/wouldn't want him as mine (not so good, but in theory he doesn't like you and hasn't seen fit to quantify that you're Adjt material)/shouldn't be Adjt as can't even organise his own sock drawer.
  8. Assignment Order will let you know what cses. A good Adjt will have known that you were taking over for ages and will have already booked you onto the courses. Best to email them and find out.

    The course I wish I had done were the ‘surviving on little sleep’, ‘predicting the CO's mood’ (like forecasting weather), ‘judging the nearest crocodile from the canoe’ and ‘multi-tasking’ courses. Oh and ‘expect the unexpected (or ‘cuffing and bluffing’) course!!

    Good luck mate, you will need it!!