adjutant generals corps dress instructions

Has anyone got a copy of the Adjutant Generals Corps Dress instructions.

I have tried Army Net but the download takes forever & I get kick off before it completes.

And this one (cunningly not linked to on the AGC Corps webpage!)

4.1 and 4.2 despite not being marked v2 are still current (and are the Other Rank relevant bits)


The other place for expert opinions on dress(es) are, of course, the Royal Marines :).
May I also ask what type/colour of shirt that is worn with NO 2 dress. I've been issued with this dress for a duty next weekend, but they were a bit low on shirts and gave me a brown one (its a loggie unit) and it a 1/2 size smaller than I normally wear. Any ideas?

Brown is right (unless you are an officer, then it is cream). Try shifting the top button nearer the edge - every little help with a tight collar.
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