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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Ford_Prefect, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. I thought I’d just open this one up before the board was officially released – 281100ZFEB06.

    This for me is one of the most interesting events in the MS calendar, for this board attempts to take a large cross section of Capts across the Corps, generally in completely different jobs and with different bosses (i.e reporting criteria) and establish a pecking order with them. The Capts who come off the Adjt / Ops board are supposedly the top 30% of Capts in the Corps and so (should current trends continue, i.e if they don’t get found out) they will beige first, get Sub Unit Comd etc and generally progress to the loftiest heights. Now before the cheap shots start I am fully aware that I won’t be coming off this board; I clearly can’t be an Adjutant as I have an opinion and I also have the ability to plan more than a month out so Regt Ops is out!
  2. So what does that leave you with? RISO (RIdiculously Surperfluous Officer) or stagging on at DLSS? Ha ha!
  3. the "boarding" process is clearly a myth...

    ...simply put your name down against an LSN which is synchronised with your posting plot and you'll get it, to be sure, put down a germany choice and you'll definately get it!

    that said some good choices on the board, good to see adjts/ops offrs being appointed despite only having been in the army for about 4 yrs....must be far more talented than i ever was...
  4. RISO, isn't that a chick from the musical Grease?
  5. I see that we are truly sending our brightest and best to RMAS as instructors! Of the three selected two have had “total charisma bypass surgery” (which I'm happy to report was 100% successful). Do you have to be interviewed for those jobs? Or is this an example of the difference between how someone is on an OJAR and how they come across in reality.
  6. I don't recognise many of the names on the board, but the ones I do know I think are well deserved (with the odd exception). Can it really be true that after just 4 years people are being selected for adjt? Please goon tell me you're pulling my leg!!!!!

    Ford - always next year. Alternatively join me on the outside and together we'll take over the world [evil laugh].
  7. could it be that women do particularly well because the board is based on their ojars, on which they are over reported because it is male nature to be overly complimentary about women? lies practised every day by our oc's and co's on their wives, such as ''you look lovely tonight dear'', ''no your bum does not look big in that'' and ''why would i be staring at her? you're far more attractive'' translate far too easily into :''capt x is extremely physically robust'' (why, because as a woman she can run a 10:45 bft??!!!) and other such exaggerations which unfairly discrimminate against their male colleages.

    or are reporting officers liberal with the truth because they do not want the said female offr crying in their office at an honest report, or threatening redress, or threatening signing off or any of the other tricks that women pull to ensure their next posting is what they want?

    on the other hand i may just be a male chauvinist pig who cannot come to terms with the fact that women officers are increasingly out performing their male counterparts. i suspect the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
  8. i think the crux is that, similar to academic performance, the girls tend to do better in the mediocre barrack room environment...besides any shagg!ng related G1 serials, how often do you ever hear of female jnr offrs getting into to bother.

    And, because chicks are generally more diligent, they get there returns in on time, do their CRs on time and generally cause less bother than the fellas in camp they get the better reports.

    essentially, all a chick has to do to get a B+ is run a sub 9:30BFT!
  9. Whilst attempting to avoid gross generalisations: Female Officers tend to be more diligent in the G1 arena and do particularly well as Adjts and AOs. This is compounded as they tend to get on with the CO’s wife and more chauvinistic COs like having a bit of skirt around. 2 years as an AO, 2 as an Adjt and the next thing you know these “diligent types” are OCs or SO2s on ops; they know absolutely bugger all and have no capability to deal with rapidly disintegrating situations.

    …….they do, however, make a cracking brew!
  10. I think this board is more proof that the holographic automatons of the Corps get on at the expense of those in our Corps with a bit of character (and there are plenty of those about). The reason why not many people can identify those named on this list is because the list is mainly simpering nobodies who add little or no value outside their office. There are more junior officers in our Corps than there has ever been thanks to some good work by our officer recruiters yet there are less junior officers than ever in our Corps sports teams, less adventure training expeds organised and less people are getting into the shite than there used to be. Most of these herberts are from the 9-5 crew who sit in their rooms after work eating their plated meals contemplating when the best time to their JOTAC course is, as opposed to getting out there and taking the army as a lifestyle choice and not just a job.

    Oh and I was an Adjt.

    But I was rubbish.

    But then I didn't have a fannny!
  11. More's the pity.

    Think of the fun you could have had with male and female genetalia!!
  12. Absolutely spot on.
  13. Wait till you get to Major - then they do it Army wide!
  14. the corps does particulalry well there too...i can name a few indivuals who've beiged without an Op tour to their name...i'd love to be a snr in a Sqn when Major No-Gongs turns up!
  15. Won't happen! They'll get a sympathetic boss who'll orchestrate a whistle stop tour of a few notable sh!t holes, stay for 30 days in each and arrive with a rack of gongs and a repertoire of one time in Afghanistan tales.