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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Ford_Prefect, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know when the Adjt/Ops board is released?

    Also, is it going to be released, as the name “board” suggests, giving a specific indication to individuals as to how they scored and who came above them, or has it all been sorted out over a pint at the Ski championships again this year?
  2. Typical Prefect post here; you cannot help but try to make us look bad can you?
  3. Ski Championships still on so might not be released yet!!

  4. 28 Feb
  5. Skiing is on now and the Senior Captain's Board (Adjt/Ops/Inst/RISO Board or whatever Noddy has decided to call it this year) was decided weeks ago (05 Dec 06) and will be released on 28 Feb 07.

    What's up Ford - worried that you might have missed out and been sent back as a Sqn 2IC for a 're-show'?

    Edited to include the correct release date.
  6. Nope, its just been a while since the beige list and I could do with a good laugh.

    Well, since we have established that you are a) a cnut and b) a mover, I’m going to bet you’ve done far more than anyone else on this forum to make the RLC look bad!

  7. Fantastic! I nearly choked on my coffee...............what next - espirit d'corps?
  8. No 1,

    Take it you were drinking an Irish coffee then?

  9. An Adjutant is a type of appointment for individuals with the potential for success, the ability to write coherently and who are not positioned in the lower-third of Corps Officers. So the question should be Ford; why are you interested?
  10. MEOWWW saucer of milk for table 2!
  11. Gentleman is this really the way we should be portraying the Officer Corps and our potential commanders to the other ranks, is it little wonder they have little faith in your abilities to manage/command them?
  12. It is only a reflection on one individual, not the top two thirds of his peer group.

    Sure he will feel let down if not selected for Adjt/ Ops even if he derides the process.
  13. Haven't you missed out a few criteria here? I always thought that to become an Adjutant you had to have "goody two shoes" written over one's previous reports, played cricket to a reasonable standard and never been seen pissed in front of one's CO...........In the old days, of course, the ability to ride a horse whilst wearing the old school tie added one's elevation.

    Oh yes, and some Adjutants have become Movers in their after life.........
  14. Yep, those that are destined never to rise above SO2 level

  15. Is not the appointment decided on length of service and age then? :roll:

    From the outside looking in, IMHO, it appears that way.

    I believe a previous post by Jose covered this thread perfectly.