Adjt and RSM´s beasting 28 (BR) Sigregt (NORTHAG) - 1989


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Seeing as T.S.F.K.A 4 Sqn, 7 Sigs have hijacked the Herford thread and there´s a similar thread ref Blandford, does anyone remember this one ?

Must have been April/May 1989. Bit shakey on the dates. About 20 Siggies had been jiffed to go and play casualty over the weekend on some MEDEX. In true R SIGS style they got absolutely bladdered the night before and then proceeded to partake in several (dozen) hair of the dog on the journey up there. When they got up there, they didn´t get off the bus, or even stumble off the bloody thing. They were in fact, poured out the bus :lol:

Needless to say the Medic SNCO, who had after all got up early to meet them, threw a "very slight" wobbly and before retiring to look for his teddy bear, RTU´d our lot on the spot.

As we all know, bad news travels fast; hence worse news travelling even faster. When they got back, quite a few of them were still somewhat inebriated to say the least. Alas, on their return, the Adjt, RSM, ROO and ROS were all waiting for them and proceeded to give them "a drill session from hell" before giving them all the worst jiff jobs going. This went on all weekend and if I remember correctly, the RSM actually made them remove their capbadges for being a disgrace to the Corps........


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Also known as No1 ROP's course. Remember it well.
Next door neighbour was one of the course.
Brain is a bit cloudy but wasn't everybody p*ssed because the bus got problems and didn't leave until after lunch where the lads had a dinner time session and then fell out in front of the Directing Staff Brigadier and his Staff.
Also if I remember correctly there was a photo taken of everyone involved (including RP Staff) next to the Belgoon Fire Picquet wall.


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HH, I think you´re right with the bus there mate. My brains a bit cloudy as well :wink:

Never heard about the photo though. Mind you, everyone was either booking out PDQ or keeping out of the bloody way :lol:

As for me, I´d like to thank a certain Sgt in 1 Sqn ! As I was in my last 10 days before leaving for sunny 7, he gave me the choice of either going on the MEDEX or doing stickman in No1´s outside the Officer´s Mess the night before for 90 mins at a Dinner Night. Needless to say I really regretted having the choice and was soooo upset that I only had to do the hour + on the Friday night, NOT !!!! If you´re reading this: CHEERS A*** :D

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