Adj Gen says increase the X factor.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. On BFBS just now it was reported that the Adjutant General is saying that the X factor should be increased, as soon as possible. Looking for a link now.

    I think the current X factor is 11% (correct me if I am wrong).

    What does anybody think? Should it be increased and if so what to?
  2. 100%.
  3. Certainly above the rate of inflation would be nice, so that our people have something left in their hands after the attendant hike in F&L, accn, food etc etc etc...
  4. Whilst i agree with Darth, if the Adj Gen's reasons for upping the X Factor are to suppliment meaningless pay rises, i doubt the idea will get through the door at the treasury.

    From my understanding of X Factor, for it to be increased the disadvantage of Service Life would have to increase significantly - and that disadvantage backed up by a recommendation for an increase from the AFPRB.

    Whilst you cant argue that the disadvantage has increased (the Opperational tempo alone is testament to that), i would bet my last buck that the treasury will argue whether that is significant.

    Anyway, cant sit here grumbling all day. I've got to get to work to do my job, cover my boss whos on Ops and prepare to deploy to Afghan. Busy, Busy.
  5. I am still looking around for a link, but can't seem to find one on internet.

    The report on BFBS (mainly focusing around AFFF conference) was that it would be due to the significant disadvantage caused to soldiers due to the increase in Op tempo and its attendant stresses and problems.
  6. Mmmm, as boney_m so rightly said, The treasury wont wear that one.

    An increase in the 'X' factor is a defacto pay rise, doing it would be like saying 'Yeah we gave you a rise, but we now realise we took most of it off you again making it worthless, so how about we have another go?'..... and who's going to hold their hands up to that one?

    The tin-foil-hatist in me says, the Op tempo has been this high for years. So why now does a hike in the 'X' factor begin to be mentioned - are things going to get worse? How many of us do they forsee going to 'Stan?. What else have they got planned?

    The foil is in postition and the cellar door is bolted.
  7. The X Factor needs a formula and a periodic review, perhaps every 5 years.

    Something a Federation could comment on - AFPRB plays the crucial role with regard to the military salary, but does not have first-hand experience of life in a green/dark blue/light blue suit.
  8. Just to give the thread a little more clarity, here's what the army website has to say about the x factor - and the key phrase being, i think, "Its determined by the AFPRB". There probably on the phone to the Adjt Gen now telling him to get back into his box.

  9. Would travel, variety and adventure be covered by going to Iraq, Afghanistan and the odd tour of the Balkans?
  10. Surely LSSA is the compensation for increased Op tempo and deployments as this is directed at those specifically deployed whereas the X Factor is across the board and includes those in non deployable headquarters.

    It has always been something of an intangible and never, to my mind, adequately explained (yes I have read the website quote above).

    I never understood why Simon Cowell should have anything to do with deciding Army Pay rates in the first place.
  11. I was fairly certain that the AFPRB commented on the level of the X factor in each annual report, so I went looking....

    2006 AFPRB Report


    Para 1.20.

    During the course of our visits, X-factor had become a major issue for personnel. This is largely prompted by concerns over the impact of continued operational pressures and the particular circumstances of Service life. We explore these concerns in Chapter 2 and outline our intention to commission initial research in 2006 to set a framework for a full review of the X-factor for our 2008 Report.


    So, there you are. The Board is on the case and something might happen in 2008.

    The Treasury will, of course, fight to the death over this because it impacts on the level of pensions too!

  12. The full text:

  13. LSSA does give compensation to those away, but I thought this was more to do with phones home and other costs of being away.

    Just because you aren't deployed doesn't mean you don't feel the pinch of Ops. Rear duty anyone?
  14. Yes, he did say this at the AFF Conference yesteday. I was there. But, it was in context with the "possible" increase in Quarter Rents to align with Civilian Housing. The quote was that a Sgt on average pays about £44 per week + CILOCT. His civilian equivalent pays £112 per week + Council Tax. If alignment was to take place then we should look at increasing wages by increasing the X Factor.

    No quotes where given as to how much the Quarter rate was to be but formula will be put in place to reduce the "amount of increase". Also the removal of NI pay because of "Normalisation" raised a laugh too!

    Top show, Army Freedom Fighters (AFF) nailing Generals etc with un rehearesed replies is a joy to watch. Arn't wives great!!! :lol:

    Dermot "The News" Murnaghan hosted the afternoon session and said that the Army was being discriminatory against Fijian families for denying visa rites and DSS assistance when asylum seekers or failed aylum seekers get it. Much hot air and guffawing by the AG, Army F&C deptv etc.
  15. Yes you are right, LSSA is a little extra given to us for the ball ache of being away but thats not the same as the X factor. The X factor is paid to compensate for the unsociable hours, restricted rights and freedoms and many other aspects of service life which you don't see in civvy street (except in prison :wink: ).

    An example from my experience is before I deployed to Iraq last year (for the 3rd time).

    I had to undertake general and trade related pre-deployment courses, which totalled up to nearly 2 and a half months away from home (without the actual Op Telic deployment obviously). Because none of the single courses was longer than 9 nights away from home or allowed the weekends off I couldn't claim LSSA for any of them, just mileage. With these pre-deployment courses becoming more and more common due to H&S and all sorts of other regulatory shite falling from on high the pre-deployment part of deployments can be expensive to an individual. A rise in X factor could off-set this sort of thing.