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hi there im just after some info. We are currently buying a house and using the grant that u get which is 8,500 . But ive just had a letter of my solicitor saying that the army will not be lending us this much . Has the money for the grant be put down or is there new rule in place . and my hubby doesnt know yet as he is not here . And i dont know who to contact .

thank you in advance for any help
I can't help you directly as I don't know enough about LSAP, but might I suggest that you run this thread in the 'RHQ Pay and Discipline' forum. There are alot of good eggs from the AGC who will be able to give you a steer.
Firstly, I echo the sentiments of what the previous poster said. However i've done a quick bit of snooping about and would like to direct your attention to this link (Clickedy Click!)

Go straight to section four on page 112 and have a read.

I noticed there is a section about "Elegibility," on page 114 (section 02.0413) and also a contact address.

There's quite a lot of info on there so hopefully it can clear up some of your questions.



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