Adivce please.

Hi I'm 17 years old and looking at joining the TA while studying at college.

The exact age for joining is 17 years and 9 months I won't be old enough until October, what I was wondering is should I be applying to join a unit now or would I be wasting mine and the army's time if I apply before I'm old enough in the hope of joining as soon as I'm old enough, i.e. not having to wait for security clearances etc.

Any advice would be appreciated.
... speak to the recruiting team in your local TAC. It's probably best to get the ball rolling sooner, and get the paperwork/medical out the way, but they'll advise you accordingly.
Spiderbloke, u will most probably be told to come back when you are old enough. They cant do anything with you until you hit the min age.
It is great to see young lads wanting to join.
Well done
I'm doing the same thing mate, they might tell you its 17 and 9 months, but you can start the ball rolling at 16 and 9 months or something. I was told it was 17 and a half, but managed to start earlier than that. My advice is to keep asking them, 'cos like Norfolk says, quicker you get the med and bumf out of the way, the better
In my first unit I was under the min age but after I had signed an insurance waiver (if I had an accident & hurt myself it was my own fault and couldn't sue the army) I was allowed to join the recruits - that meant by the time I was old enough I was also eady for depot (CIC now)

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