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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ArtfulDodjar, Aug 17, 2010.

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  1. Ive just used this miCoach thingy for the first time this morning, its an app that you download on your Iphone and you set it off when you go running and it will measure distance via GP even give you a map via google maps of the route youve taken etc. The app will then save the first run youve done and then coach you via voice to get better, good bit of kit to have in your life, and its free.

    adidas miCoach: The Interactive Personal Coaching and Training System

    Edited because its still too early.
  2. I am using the 'I MAP MY RUN' application its free and has become really useful, It uses GPR's and provides you with the following final details , Average speed, Top speed, start/finish time, Overall run time, Overall Distance run, and a map of the route run. You can log as a run/walk/jog/bike ride.
  3. I got my girl friend to get that for her Iphone as well.
    She bought the couch to 5 k run routine and until she flopped out because of laziness, she was doing quite well.

    On a side note- I have a forerunner 310xt and you can put routes onto that (as a .gpx file). Less fun then running with a Iphone as you can see on a map a route someone has run and compete, but more practical and easier to run with.