Adidas gsg9

WTF would you want a set of those Adidas 'things'?

Go for the Alt-bergs as they're the better choice.
The originals are great for running in and generally mincing around camp, a lot of money though for what they are and I wouldnt bother with them in the field. The sole wears down really quickly too and im not sure if you can get them re-soled. Them things above are horrible!
The adidas look awful. I bet if you wear them some Sgt Maj or RSM will be blowing a gasket and it will be issue boots for all.
Save your self some cash mate. Go for a pair of Alt-Berg Jungle boots just as light and will last you ages and when they do die send them get to get reborn. Spot on.
I've got a pair. Fantastic cushioning for running but expensive and not very smart or waterproof. It entirely depends on what you want them for, but unless you're going to be doing a lot of road-running in them then go for the altbergs.
Chav Boots!!! Stick to Alt-Bergs

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