Adidas GSG9 boots?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ironrations, Aug 31, 2005.

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  1. I hope that I'm not covering old ground but...

    a)Are these any good?

    b)Wheres cheapest for them?

    c)Any comparison to Lowas(mine are about to die and need replacing) would be appreciated.

  2. Are they any good? Depends what you use them for. They are a cross between Hi-Tec Magnums and boxing boots. Good for running and looking 'ally' but not a lot else really. Some of my mates swear by them but I remain sceptical.

    You can get them from listed under Adidas GSG9 boots
  3. Don't do it.
  4. Depends what you need them for , if its for tabbing and in the field not a chance , they will not give you the support you need .
    If its for FIBUA and urban type roles they are top notch . They are light , soft and comfy also you can move around without the whole world knowing your whereabouts. Ignore all the ''armchair SF '' on arrse there seems to be a lot of non-coms on there .
  5. Guy in our bn wears them. Swore by them for FIBUA etc but he didnt wear them much in the field, at least not when we were out for long, and especially not in winter! I've never worn them, also I'm under no illusions about being "armchair SF", the only SF I'm sure I'll see involves carting around a Gimpy, not working alongside GSG9 wearing sneaky beaky boots, so thats just an observation about what that guy used them for, I'll leave it to you to decide mutts nuts or not! Although I believe they are painfully expensive.

    Once saw an advert for Oakley assault boots, as used by Spam commando types, sounds like it does kind of similar job to these, I've no use for them but if thats what you're after maybe worth considering?

  6. they look good but as many people have sed, all right for OIBUA but bugger all good for any thing else, you could get them for specfic ops like Iraq, or OIBUA exercises but thats about it. LOWAS are a solid boot, if you want a lighter pair, try the other set, G trex i think there called, not so bulky as the mountain boot.
  7. It seems a lot of money for very little boot. If you're just after some nice lightweight boots, you shoudn't need to spend more than £50.00. Try TRACPAC leather/cordura FIBUA boots for £29.95 I've been using a pair since Christmas and they're fine.
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  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    My FIBUA ensemble:

    1. GSG-9 Boots - silent but deadly.

    2. Delta Force combination underwear - warm and bullsh1t proof.

    3. GIGN black coveralls.

    4. SBS Diver's watch with 'James Bond' strap.

    5. S10 respirator - Highly Polished.

    6. Thunderbirds jet pack for aerial work.

    7. Burberry baseball cap, reversible to blue with flourescent 'SAS' logo on the front - an excellent disguise.

    8. Twin Price Western Glock holsters on thighs.

    9. MP5SD on chest harness.

    10. Paul Smith black body armour, with ceramic plates by Wedgwood - class!

    11. Combo iPod/comms system.

    12. X Ray specs from advert in the back of 'Superman' comic. Lets me see through walls and ladies' dresses.

    Smart huh?
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