ADIDAS GSG9 - Are they good enough?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bicycle14, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. Currently looking to buy my first pair of boots after the issue pair recieved at Phase 1. I'm going to SEAE and would like a comfy, lightweight pair to cut around in. Had a look around on here and other forums and would just like to know a few answers to a few questions...

    I have read mixed reviews on the ADIDAS GSG9 and would like to here anybodys experience with them?

    Where is the best place to buy new boots from?

    Are there any boots that you would reccomend?

    Cheers, Bicycle
  2. May I politely suggest you 'cut around in' the issued kit AT LEAST until getting to a real unit.

    Unless you want to spend lots of time in the guardroom, of course.
  3. BICYCLE - GSG9 are mega when in trade training - you might want to think about teaming them with some yellow old skool trops and a windproof with the cuffs turned back - make sure you do not roll the hood at any time. Consider buying a battered second hand munro, ideally with a few scuffs and tears in it. Never wear CS 95 shirt - maroon tee shirt under neath in Summer, maroon tee shirt and buffalo shirt in winter.

    Smoke rollies, call every one mucker (or pal) and never ever wear your beret.

    You will be fine, believe me, people will leave you alone.
  4. And maybe use the'sticky' at the start of this forum. :roll:
  5. Wear your issue boots for 'cutting about' in. There's nothing majorly wrong with them when mud and long tabs aren't present.
  6. Issued boots at a Trg Regt. You shouldn't really contemplate non issued until after trg. REME or not. As a provo at a trg regt - wear issued. Best advice.
  7. Thought I'd add - good boots for green PT. I'd recommend something more sturdy for in camp, but check with your Trg NCOs before buying any boots. You may not be allowed to wear them at a Trg Est.
  8. or just go to the doctor having worn a pair of boots 2 sizes too small for a week.

    'They really hurt doc... I've tried insoles, Z.O tape, double socks and my feet still look like THIS'

    'No problem lad, here you go - a biff chit for your Lowas...'

    of course... its' not that simple. But it's a start.
  9. Be the grey man, you cannot do that wearing these vile looking things.


    Wear your issue boots, they will last a lot longer and will cause you less problems in the long run.
  10. I have been out for years and so obviously not up on all things relating to the modern military, but WTF is the obsession with buying your own boots?
    The issue ones seem perfectly good for just about anything you may be required to do, especially just "cutting" about camp. Does the RSM not have a chat with these individuals and their fashion accessories?
  11. unless your wandering around with black nasty over your eyes and a big moustache every is going to mock you :twisted:

    They were apprantly designed for a german swat team are you and are you boxhead copper?
    er no :twisted:
    best save your pennies for later and buy something if you really want your own boots something a little less daring in the fashion stakes :D
  12. Wear them! And watch as everyone gazes in awe at you. Women will even want to touch you coc k.

    Theres a latin phrase Quae Nocent, Docent (google it) If you wish to spare yourself the tears.
  13. The original GSG9s are legendary for FIBUA - that's about it but that's all they are designed for. Otherwise a complete lack of ankle support for hills and your feet will get wet even if only the grass is wet.

    Stay away from the GSG9 2s - they look ridiculous and will bring a lot of unwanted attention.

    If you want lightweight boots with a broader military capacity then try the Altberg Sneeker or the Lowa Seeker though I have no experience with the latter.

    Wearing GSGs around camp seems ridiculous to me. You will look like a tool.
  14. For just "cutting about camp2 in issue boots are suffice IMO, but for long tabs and green pt I'd invest in some good boots, the likes of Lowas, Altbergs, Hanwags etc.

    As mentioned by others have a word with your training NCO's to see if it is ok to wear non issue boots before splashing the cash.
  15. no no no I've changed my mind :D
    team them with some lumionous old style trops from dropzone supplies and a para smock your soon be fit enough to pass selection :twisted:
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