Adidas - GSG9.2 Tactical Boots

GsG9 Boots will be no good for anything but the"twice round my beautiful body" PTI taking you for a run on roads. Proper infantry work will chew them up probably in a weekend. They are not waterproof and dont claim to be. Now that i am plod, The active kind as someone kindly put, GSG9 are top draw. Equally at home kicking in your local dealers door or absorbing the jam from your donuts while your sat on your arse earning an obscene amount of money to do **** all. I hate to rub it in but i did spend 15 years in the infantry so feel qualified. If you are going to wear these on operational level take spares as they wont last. Magnums arnt worth the ******* cows that died to make them, thats any Magnums, even the girls in the office take the piss out of them.
Bravo_Zulu said:
Lowa Urbans are lightweight boots similar to Magnums but better made and longer-lasting.

Or when broken in in well CABs are pretty good.
Pair of assault boots have stood me well for the past year now. Wear them for all duties except public order. (Very good boot issued for that). Assault boots worn practically everday for rural foot patrols, search duties and all other "active" plod-type stuff on a daily basis. Light, sturdy, comfy and cheap as chips from my local surplus store for £30. Get a decent fitting pair of these and don't bother spending 2 or 3 times as much just to look the part.
The original pair of Adidas GSG9 boots looked the nuts in a retro trainer kind of way which is quite fashionable these days. Kick some doors in and look cool down the pub. 2 for the price of one.
woody owns a pair teamed with a ma1 fashion
well for portsmouth anyway :twisted:
Anyone know where you can get the old ones? Had a pair but when I split up with my bird she threw them in the bin along with quite a few other things!!

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