Adidas - GSG9.2 Tactical Boots

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bad_Crow, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. Where's the cheapest place besides fleabay.

    Not for me.

    If anyone has any bumf on a similar lightweight high leg boot then let me know.

    Do altberg or Lowa do anything similar.

    Are the top end magnums sh1te.

    Any help, Cheers!
  2. linky link please
  3. Hows that?

    So called gucci but expensive boots

    I'm getting them for a mate on behalf of his missus who knows fcuk all on the subject. (like i do)

    They're being bought for a copper who is in an "On his feet" role but the likes of Lowas mountain are too heavy and not exactly suited for purpose.

    Just after a lightweigt, highleg boot. Preferably waterproof but not essential.
  4. The boots are crap waste of money got a pair and they fell apart and leaked :evil: after 6 months sent them back to who i got them from and Adidas said it was my fault for walking 3 miles a day in them?

  5. For police duties the Magnums should do the job. Not really up to field work but I dont suppose that matters to a plod!
  6. Thats what I thought.

    cue thread name change.

    Any suggestions anyone?
  7. If its for plod how about a nice pair of traditional Doc Martins. Thousands of rozzers cant be wrong.
  8. Lets just say he is in a more active role than the DM's range.

    Traditional Lowa's and the likes seem to be too heavy Cheapo £39.99 Magnums not robust enough.

    I was thinking the top end magnums or some abortion made by Altberg/Lowa that are sh1t for soldiering but ideal for base ratting.
  9. Altberg/Lowa too expensive for what I think you are after. Top of the range magnums (I think they are called the ELITE series) will probably do the job but shop around for a good price.
  10. Your local "Outlet Centre" will probably have a Hi-Tec shop. Alternatively, they will have other generic camping type shops that might stock the Magnums.
  11. Cheers. I'm not really a kit monster as I tend to think only the queen has the best kit in her stores :D

    However I do own a pair of Lowa's.

    So hunting for this kind of stuff has been an eye opener to whats actually out there. Lots of brandnames. Not very much feedback on them!
  12. Magnum Elite II - Leather

  13. Roger that.

    Your advice has been taken as the time has drawn closer.

    Just spoke to a bloke in stores who says Magnum elites tend to hold together and not blow up at the 1st sign of running.
  14. You are better off with the original Adidas GSG9 boot
  15. A few have said that.

    Is this because they are "Like slippers" or do they last longer?

    Edit to add:

    You sig block reminds me of things I feel like when hit anywhere. Even by a 7 stone chavs bird called "Jaimie-Lee" in the shin.