Adidas combat boots.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by crabmabb, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. I'm looking at getting a pair of new boots and seen a few guys wearing the new adidas boots. has anybody on here got a pair or seen what they are like close up. They look on par with magnums, but for the price online they have to have more to them.
    Any feedback gratefully received.
  2. They look gash!
    like some sort of surgical support!
  3. seconded!!!! Really doubt they will live up to the riggors of Breacon
  4. A colleague spoke to some lads down at 16 in colchester and from what he said they swear by them. Not convinced that they are particularly water proofed though, "water resistant" doesn't fill me with confidence. Be interesting if someone has worn them and can give a first hand review.
    Know what you mean about the look of them, they do have a certain orthopaedic look to them.
  5. get some alt bergs there just as good as lowas and a lot better than magnums
  6. I knew someone who had some, everyone took this urine despite his claims that they were comfy. My boss then took one of the boots and showed you could twist the sole through over 180 degrees. They're not tough.
    Would not recommend for anywhere otterburn/sennybridge etc based on what I saw of them.
  7. AVOID!!! AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE...... I'm only a Air Cadet and don't wear boots that often. I wore those for a week and only did a little bit of tabbing and it shredded the skin off of my heal. If you really want some good boots think about Lowa or Alt-Berg.
  8. I have a pair and i think they're awesome. They're not meant for tabbing or heavy weight work,if you're just cutting around camp or Ops room etc then they're superb.
  9. The SF get issued them for black role and they usually wear for around camp. So they must be ok.
  10. I reckon you should take the advice of the spacey.

    The ATC is the fourth arm of the special forces dontchaknow and their (sorry their) word is gospel.


    Personally I'd avoid them because they are basically a big trainer, with all the ruggedness such footwear offers.
  11. Correct!
  12. GSG9s, Got a free pair at work, absolute crap, lovely for dossing in classrooms in, no use for working, tabbing, vehicle work, exercises etc, get wet feet easily.

    I brought Altbergs made to measure, cost a bit but superb fit & quality, but still wear my Assault boots day to day comfy, and free.
  13. I have just bought some new boots as the fort braggs have just bit the dust after five years mistreatment. I looked at these adidas things breifly VERY breifly THS is right. They are nowhere near good enough for a combat boot. If you are going to buy them yourself buy something that will both last and perform.
    If all you want is to pose about and wont get them wet/ dirty etc why bother with these damn things as they look like something you buy in the back of a national trust magazine.
    If you are going to get wet/ dirty buy something better. a good quality cheap boot is made by centurion and you can buy them from Niton ( but dont buy these horrible things unless you want to waste your money......

    And breathe
    sorry about the rant but I am very picky about what I put on my feet, and if you use them you should be too.
  14. I do some work for a civvie "military fitness" company and bought a pair for that. The verdict:
    If you've got the money to splash on a pair of boots just for phys and nothing else. Crack on. For anything else they suck.