Adidas, Asics, Mizuno etc. etc.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by BennnY, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. Which are the best for running in?

    Just seen some proper adidas running ones I like with all the bells and whistles on for a neutral runner which suits me.

    Asics, I can't really find a 'reliable' source to buy from, mizuno, well I don't know about them...

    What do people recommend? Cheers.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Go to your local running shop (i.e. not JJB or any other high street branch) and they will let you try on all sorts of different shoes. Find the ones best suited to your feet and off you go.

  3. I recommend you look at the umpteen other threads from people asking the same question........
  4. I've used asics for a number of years but my latest pair from JJB sports give me horrendous blisters on the arch of my foot. Go to the Sweat shop or The latter has a good range and is reasonably priced with free delivery.

  5. see above
  6. If you're at all heavily built by running standards, New Balance are the way forward. (They have a factory in the UK, too.)
  7. Whatever you do, DO NOT buy the fancy Nike or Reebok ones that the sales assistants (See chav's) are wearing in places like JJB.

    Have a peek at a few running mags, and see what sort of shoes they recommend. I bought mine from JJB, but only a large national running mag reccomended them (ie they were no1 in their tests!) and because they were selling them half price.

    You could also buy the British army trainer.

    Do a search on here and all will be revealed :D
  8. I made the mistake by buying some from JJB and they aren't too good :x
  9. If you're near Woking try The Sweatshop, they let you run up and down the street in them to try them out! Often wonder how many pairs they've lost.
  10. New Balance are exelent shoes. If you are in the lake district anytime soon the factory shop is quite good. I cant remember the name of the town its in though. if you cant get to the lake district, decathlon usually have a good range for cheaper than JJB etc, I got a exelent pair for about £30. plus, as pork pie said all made in the lake district, so you dont have to worry that youve just been ripped off by Nike while some kid in india gets paid 50p and a bag of peanuts to make them.
  11. I buy cheap ones and gave up running.
    saved me a fortune
    which I spend on pies......oh
  12. Hi-Tec Silver Shadows

    Fucking awesome.
  13. Oi Young'un!!!

    buy a product, not a label :x

  14. The New Balance factory shop is in Shap, I buy from them mail order all of the shoes are factory seconds but never found a fault on any for the last 4 years I've been using them.

    Recommend cutting along to nearest Sweatshop or proper running shop for a gait assesment or a trip on the foot scanner
  15. Got some asics in the end.

    I didn't mean to categorise labels, I honestly couldn't care what they looked like, aslong as they work.