ADF- RAN Air Warfare Destroyers

Don't know where they will be built as Williamstown Naval Dockyard is being wound down following the completion of the ANZAC class. Probably Political Bull sh*t to get Little Johnny elected.
I heard they were being built in Adelaide by the same clowns who built the subs. Does that give you a warm feeling inside?
Yeah I can't help but sense another cluster on the way. But how many times will this hapen before someone learns something... well the Brits have presided over ****-up after ****-up acquisition-wise. Maybe this time, due to the seemingly more in-depth tender process they will get it right but I tend to favour off-the-shelf purchases myself as indigenous gear never seems to satisfy the troops.

But my real question is: what is L.Johnny planning to do with all this kit. M1s, ARHs, NHR-90s, these new ships, I even read about some sort of helo-carrier a while ago but cannot find anything else about it now.

Maybe someone's planning a war and we're gonna be invited.
Maybe he's going for local regime change?

Be afraid Helen, be very afraid :D

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