ADF- RAN Air Warfare Destroyers

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by rustygun, Oct 18, 2004.

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  1. Anyone got an info on the 3 new ships for the RAN?

    When are the arriving?

    What uses will they have?

    Any pussers out there?
  2. Don't know where they will be built as Williamstown Naval Dockyard is being wound down following the completion of the ANZAC class. Probably Political Bull sh*t to get Little Johnny elected.
  3. I heard they were being built in Adelaide by the same clowns who built the subs. Does that give you a warm feeling inside?
  4. Yeah I can't help but sense another cluster on the way. But how many times will this hapen before someone learns something... well the Brits have presided over ****-up after ****-up acquisition-wise. Maybe this time, due to the seemingly more in-depth tender process they will get it right but I tend to favour off-the-shelf purchases myself as indigenous gear never seems to satisfy the troops.

    But my real question is: what is L.Johnny planning to do with all this kit. M1s, ARHs, NHR-90s, these new ships, I even read about some sort of helo-carrier a while ago but cannot find anything else about it now.

    Maybe someone's planning a war and we're gonna be invited.
  5. Maybe he's going for local regime change?

    Be afraid Helen, be very afraid :D