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Hi All,Daft question,I’ve recently went through the process which I fell at the Medical stage as to say, I’m P3 downgraded but not a knacker. I’m fit and I’m sure that I can pass all fitness test, my question is that SCMA have asked me for Specialist prognosis which I got and with a result of me being classed as fit.Will this pass the SMO request back in Ozz or is this the reassurance that I can be employed within the ADF, have any other people been through this??? Any help would be appreciated.RegardsClanBeattie
Hi mate,
I'm just going through the same thing ATM, got to see a specialist about some old injuries and have them signed off as fit, then file paperwork with SMO and should be cleared. Ex Brit forces, so know the standard etc. and from what I've been told its more to cover their arrses :)
Throw in a cover letter about your fitness levels aswell, do all the standard mil tests to actual times/standards and have it signed off by a PT if you can to was the advice...they are knocking around in the ADF website if your unsure of what they are. Hope all goes well, good luck.

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