Adequate insurance for exercise

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by phil37, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. What are the legal implications of not having adequate insurance when going on exercise - I had to sign a form stating that I had adequate insurance and details of the insurance for a recent exercise.

    I have 3 units of Abacus but take out 10 units of PAX for tours. I've never used PAX for exercises due to the expense and low risk.
  2. You should be covered on the MOD public liability statment?
  3. This has to be a wind up.
  4. You are normally required to sign an SL1 form pre-deployment, arriving at a new unit or in basic.

    You are not required to have any insurance at all, that said it's usually a good idea to have some cover. The form is really there as a prompt to remind people that it is their responsibility to ensure they have adequate protection in place for injury or death.
  5. In the 50's my father*, a national serviceman, refused to have medical injections & was therefore not sent to Korea. If there's any truth in the OP's statement the MOD surely cannot send uninsured pers to places (operational or otherwise) where injury is likely?

    (*Disclaimer: He had no objection to serving in Kenya against the Mao Mao)
  6. Utter tosh and drivel. Of course you can be sent somewhere. Or what would stop every tour dodger stating he didn't have insurance and so couldn't go on Ops or Ex.

    Have a word with yourself. Insurance is up to you. If you chose not to get it then you accept the consequences if something does go wrong.
  7. Don't forget every serving soldier has Death in Service benefit

    Under old AFPS 75 scheme thats at least 66k for a Private.

    Under new scheme AFPS 05 its 4 x salary.

    For injuries everyone is entitled to claim under Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. Benefits under this were doubled not that long ago and it is under review again.