Aden vehicle dumping.

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by spasticus, Oct 30, 2009.

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  1. I have heard that following the British withdrawl from Aden in 1967 the majority of softskin vehicles were dumped at sea on the return voyage to the UK,can anyone confirm this or provide further detail?

  2. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Masses of kit, including weapons, watches , binos and radios were sea dumped as we left. Total and utter waste of money and kit.
  3. If the stuff was already loaded on a ship why dump it. Being a simple infanteer I never understand these high brow loggie types.

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  4. Same thing happened when we left Libya in 1970, everything that wasn't burnt was dumped in the Med, building were knocked down ect untill the Libyians coughed up cash to stop the destruction
  5. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Nor me, but it was mooted that it would cost too much to take back. And, the Suex canal was fairly dodgy, if not totally blocked, in 1967.
  6. There was loads of conntainers of stuff left all over the Falklands up to about three years after the war and the amount of stuff the bloke who lived at Bluff Cove had liberated was very impresive, both Argie and Brit kit. his yard was like an Ord dep, there was one container full of Rapier missiles left up by Estancier
  7. Thanks for the replies. My interest is in the Land Rovers used in Aden,especially those modified for specific roles,eg Col.Colin Mitchell's 109" command vehicle and the Argyll's reccy 88"s,also the mine protected LR's the Dragoons had. With all these vehicles the record card usually just states "RAF recover unit,Aden" with no entries after July 67 so it lookes like the lot went into the sea. Where they all so knackered it wasn't worth bringing them back,yet it was maybe decided best not to leave them for the Arabs?.
  8. Does this look familiar? We were always told that Charlie (Green, the Bondoo Bomber) and his ilk came to Oman from Aden (via???)


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  9. There were some of those LRs with role bars in Libya

  10. There would be Tropp, because the Army developed them in both Malaya and Aden and of of course, other places East of Suez some years earlier.

    An attempt to stop us losing our heads when the locals took umbrage at our presence and tried to blow us up. Ungrateful Cnuts. :wink:
  11. Libya was not East of Suez, and the main threat to us was left over as gifts from Monty and Rommel
  12. My point exactly Tropp. We developed them before you needed them. It's called experience. The mob is good at that.

    BTW, I was in El Adem too, so I do have some idea of what the situation was.

    And old son, I passed my GCE in geography so I do know that General Khaddaffi/ Ghaddaffi lives in North Africa. My mate says he is a cnut. :wink:

  13. Was it not HMS Albion that dumped kit including indulgence cars, MFO and all sorts???
  14. I heard that also but pre-Aden. It was said that one of the Cdo carriers, Albion or Bulwark was returning to UK from a Far East commission (the two carriers used to alternate out there) loaded with extra baggage, including cars when the first Iraq invasion of Kuwait was threatened. This would have been '61-ish.

    Once they got the order to deploy from the Indian Ocean into the Gulf, the flight deck had to be cleared so over the side went all the items not required for a helicopter commando assualt.

    Whether true or not I don't know but it was certainly well believed at the time and it seems quite feasible.
  15. Thanks for posting the pic GrandadsMOB,interesting that it would seem not a single mine protected LR like this has been preserved,I think there are a couple of Series 3 mine protected 109"s about though.