Aden Maps and Google Earth

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by bumhole, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. I have some of the original maps of Aden, and its interesting to compare them to current Google earth photos.

    Here is Khormaksar. For some reason I have the idea the the sloping buildings are barrack blocks.

    Anyone know?

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  2. Ahhh, here is why. Om the map they are shown as Seedaseer Lines. Below them is Waterloo Barracks.

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  3. And this is now:

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  4. The stuff NE of those will be RAF Khoramaksar, the Aden Protectorate Levy Lines, Normandy Lines and Magadala Lines. Champion Lines and Radfan Camp were further to the north on the other side of the airport.
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  5. I have pretty well all of the maps in computer form but they are huge. Cant remember where the hell I got them from. Let me see what else I can find......

    (They all are a mystery to me, never having heard mention of the barracks or lines)
  6. Indeed Provost, and here they are:

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  7. Anyone know anything about Falaise Camp, and Anzio lines and Salerno Camp?

    Apparently the Engineers were an Anzio, which looks as remote as life can get...... and the guards were at Salerno......

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  8. I think that they were there primarily to protect the BP installation at Ghadir.
  9. bh, That's brought some memories back. My Bn was in Radfan Camp in ?June? 67 when the mutiny kicked off. Our RCT troop was on it's way back from the ranges in a 3 tonner when they were fired at by a Vickers and some Brens from Champion Lines. I can't remember how many were killed but I can remember seeing the vehicle when it had been recovered, it had 147 entry holes and 129 exit holes. The son of one of the dead ended up in our Mortar Platoon many moons later.

    The Radfan Camp back gate was permanently secured which is why they had to come down onto the main road to return to camp.

    Thanks for reminder.
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  10. At the back end of 67 there was a Marine Commando based in Little Aden though their primary deployment was Maala. I can't remember which Commando it was but I believe they were based in Anzio Lines. There was also some armour there, either 1 Queens Own Hussars or 1 QDG.
  11. Bad times BB. I was 14, my father was serving. I remember watching it on the TV. Bad times.
  12. The excellent site Britains Small Wars provides some information:
    British units serving in Aden 1955-67

    Royal Marines:
    X company heavy weapons, based in bp camp little Aden 1965/1966 spent time up country in Dhala, Al Milah, Habilayne.

    Zulu Company, Company commander Major Bailey, 8 Troop Commander Lt. Bagshaw B.P.Camp Little Aden 12 Months tour of duty. Locations of duty(Crater City, Malla District, Little Aden, up country at Al Milah, Habilayn, Dhala. Noddy Dunne of 9 Troop Zulu Company adopted local dog (black labrador) named Oscarm which gained celebrity status when unit withdrew and returned to UK. 45 Commando was stationed in Aden for the duration of the Radfan/Aden campaign and was one of the last units to withdraw.

    Anzio Camp:
    24 Field Squadron, Royal Engineers main base was Anzio camp, upcountry the unit was at Al Milhah most of the time. In Aden from 15/10/64 to 12/07/65.

    30 Field Squadron 'Dirty 30' Royal Engineers 30 Fld Sqn advance party was lifted out of Germany (Hamelin)in August 1966 tasked with completing a road building task.
    Squadron OC was Major Nottingham, SSM was WO2 Archie Evans.
    Initially based at Anzio Lines Little Aden we were soon up country at Al Milah a scruffy tented camp which appeared to have been there for about 10 years. We soom moved up further to the huge complex ay Habilayn where we erected out our own lines dug our own funk holes and under the eagle eye of Archie Evans every tent was sopt on in line with the next. This was a good well protected site and we had QDG and Irish Guards in adjacent lines.

    63 MELF Park Squadron, Royal Engineers 63 MELF Park Sqn was formed in 1964 as a sqn of around 125 soldiers to provide specialist engineer support such as plant for the Dhala road, engineer workshop support, a well drilling team and camp building support. It took over Anzio Lines from 12 Sqn RE.
    The sqn helped to complete both Anzio Lines and Salerno Lines and also built the road from Little Aden along the coast to Salerno Lines and beyond. We had detachments at Al Milah and Habilayne and also provided engineering support for Wadi Tyne! The OC was Major Dennis Northcote, the 2ic Capt Dennis Wilkinson and the Plant Officer Capt Sam Kelly. The SSM was, I think, WO2 Ellis. I was the Chief Clerk and remember Jimmy Little of the Well Dring Team, that had several casualties. The first casualty of the Sqn was Lcpl Smith killed around 14 Mar 65. I think the Sqn also built the cemetary at Little Aden.

    9 Para Sqn RE were also in Anzio Lines and George Preston was a friend. Sgt Tom Hunt was also a friend. I had to transfer to the newly formed RCT in July 65 but stayed as the CC until leaving in Sept 66. Thanks to Colin Phillips for this entry.

    73 Field Squadron, Royal Engineers 73 Field Sqn RE (stationed then in Ripon as part of 38 Engr Regt RE) served in Aden from 1965 - 1966 OC was Maj Bill Withall). Based mainly at Al Milhah and Habilayn up country - working on the Dahla Road project. There was also an element of the Squadron operating from Anzio Lines - down country, near Little Aden if my memory serves me well. We were relieved by another Squadron from Ripon in 1966 - 48 Field Sqn RE. Many Thanks to Bob Armit for this entry.

    Army Beach Troop, Royal Engineers, Anzio lines aden 1966.
    I was in beach troop at the a/m time the troop commander was capt. Jolly the ssm was wo 2 joe herman we had a troop sgt called John Berry.

    (Looks like Anzio was mainly RE).

    Queen's Own Hussars: little aden in 1967 before withdrawing to barracks in aden with the argyll and sutherland highlanders.

  13. My Bold: Two days after the incident I mentioned earlier the armoured squadron based with us in Radfan Camp deployed to Checkpoint Juliet on the beach road about a mile and a half from the end of the Khormaksar runway. There was a Platoon minus from 1 Para there facing a very large contingent of the FRA (about 300 with two 4.2 mortars and two Saladin) who had been fed some old cobblers about the mutiny and who were intent on doing us a bit of mischief. I was eighteen and a half and was pretty sure I'd not see nineteen when the whole of our squadron came belting up the beach with the Squadron Leader standing in the turret of the lead Saladin blowing a hunting horn. Needless to say said FRA mutineers fecked orf! Happy Days!
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  14. PS: bh: Many thanks for the heads up about Britains Small Wars, brilliant site!
  15. Not sure if you discovered it yet, but there is an entire Aden section for of great reminiscences

    Aden Index

    and the entire site covers several generations of operations:

    Britains Small Wars

    some very good reads there.
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