Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Selfloadingretard, May 6, 2012.

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  1. Just wondering that instead of slagging her ex/exes off and maybe writing some material about how good she gives head, she might have something more cheerful to sing about. Thoughts?
  2. I'd bang her like a belt fed motar, couldn't give a toss about the noise that she makes on a stage.
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  3. I'd shove my cock in her mouth just to shut her the fuck up!
  4. I know that she named her first 2 albums 19 and 21 because they were significant numbers in her life. So going of that will her third album be called 3.14
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  5. Mmmmmmm Pie
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  6. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    although this is the naafi bar, is anyone else failing to see what all the fuss is about with her? bad sixth form poetry set to very average music. I cant help but think but it's only for the dearth of talent around her that she looks good...if the charts were filled with anything other than BGT/voice identikit karaoke bullshit, she'd get very little attention at all I think.

    anyway, back on topic - yes, I would. the curvy flame haired temptress. till I couldnt walk.
  7. I wish Fucktards like you didn't bother raising these hate threads.

    Are you so wank with nothing to offer the world and full of such self loathing that you have to drag anyone down who shows a little talent and/or success.

    Grow up you shit gnashing prick.
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  8. Yes well, must get on.
  9. The clue is in the username, Dingerr!
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  10. If any of you bastards start slagging me off, I know where I'm going for help.
  11. Dingerr, aka Smasher, Basher, scares the feck out of some of us. Fair comment he makes though, when you have a think about it.
  12. boo hoo hoo so sorry dingerr. I'll in future remember that only you can have a say on this forum. Trot on you throbber :)
  13. Poor choice of words there!

    Who the fuck is Adele anyway?
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  14. You're just a dullard clearly with a child's IQ. Do you still play 'to me, to you' with your cadet friends?
  15. They make shite laptops Mukker :)
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