Adele...19 ? 21 ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. I find it quite mystifying why somebody who names albums after her young age actually tries to look like an ageing American housewife who has given birth to several pathologically obese children and is now in love with her vacuum cleaner. Is thgis 'marketing' or something ?
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  2. I couldn't give a shit if she makes music like this;

    Adele Set Fire To The Rain Graham Norton Show April 2011 - YouTube

    OK she's a bit on the larger size but keep your eyes on the bint on the violin 2nd from the right, the sexy bitch. Let's not forget the backing singer on the left of the larger one singing, what a pair of legs, she'd get it and the larger one could serenade us.

    Nice tune that though.
  3. Alledgedly she said her first album was to mark her debut release and she has continued with the Age theme to use them as milestones in her life and to show how she has matured and progressed musically between albums. Not bad music though compared to the sheer volume of shite thats on the music market these days!!
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  4. Ignored all of the hype for months, bought 21 today and i am totally blown away, not bothered what she looks like, what a brilliant singer/song.

    Knock knock.....who's there? Whitney..Whitney who?.......well that's showbiz

  5. Feckin' hell, good job Cliff Richard, Mick Jagger or Paul Mccartney never thought of that first.
  6. Hey ! I have no probs with her music, it is surprisingly good for this day and age, couldn't care if she's a chubby, just a little worried as to why she thinks she needs to look like a past-it backing singer for Sammy Davis Junior ( I've always wanted to know what Sammy Davis Senior looked like, and have been visiting the terreriums of the world's most eminent zoos for several years to try and find out !).
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  7. God bless the interthingy, I found a Davis father and son pic....

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  8. On the left.


    Sammy Davis, Sr (1900 - 1988) - Find A Grave Memorial
  9. Id fuck fatty just for her wallet, and jizz on her really expensive curtains and shit in her fish tank......
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  10. ,

    I'm kinda thankful of that to, especially as each album would of gotten crapper as they got older! And 'Bitter' though i don't share the sentiment with the fishtank, i have to agree, she's not an ugly girl and she's starting to shed the weight, and to be honest i will of always done worse :/
  11. Thank you Sunami..joking aside, now I know ! But really, his mother should have been told that bow ties don't suit women.

    Wait a fucking cheater, that's out of Barak's family album....the noses give it away...
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  12. You are Casanova and I claim my $5.

    She is a fucking good singer though.
  13. 19 21 I thought that was weight in stones.
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  14. Shouldnt that be.

    Knock knock.....

    knock knock knock........


    "For fucks sake Whitney, hurry up in the bathroom I want a shit."
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  15. Then she shatters the effect by opening her gob and speaking,and going all "professional Norff Landan"