Adductor Tendonitis

Hey guys,

Have been diognosed with Adductor Tendonitis. I've got to go and see a sports physio at the end of the month for an ultrasound to check if I have a hernia (sp?) and to start treatment but I'm wondering what kind of training I can do in the main time.

After looking this up it seems the general concensus is to cease all types of training. This seems a bit much to me as when I've injured myself before I was told closed end training (cycling, rowing, swimming, etc) was ok in small doses.

Has anyone had any dealings with this before as this is the first time I've had tendonitis of any kind so don't want to make it worse. The NHS physio said her specialism was in joints and therefore wasn't in a position to comment on what training I could do but the sports physio would be.

Thanks, TBM
Don't do any lower body work until you have a firm diagnosis! Its actually really hard to do anything much without engaging you adductors, just sitting up does it, so the general consensus is probably right!
Cheers mate. Had a feeling that was the case. Just a pain really as if it isn't one thing at the moment then it's another stopping me from training. Getting itchy feet but as you said better get a firm diagnosis then to end up on my back for months because I was stupid.

i also have adductor tendinitis there are a couple of other names fo it too, i've had this problem for the last 5 years, i have had pyhsio so far the best thing i have found is a pair of core compression shorts, they are a bit pricey but worth it, i use to run half marathons but now can only manage a 2-3 mile still get loads of aching for a few days after, by the way you can claim compensation from the Mod, i did
I have been told i have this as well. Lower left side.

Thought i had an Hernia, but speschulist said no. Even just sitting for a long period of time, especially if i lean to that side cause's discomfort.

Sit ups etc are a no-no, even press ups pull it. I have continued running but at a reduced pace, and i also wear compression shorts, which help, as before it felt like i had a weight in my lower abs all the time when running or walking.

I haven't been to physio about it yet (although i have had it nearly 9 months), i tend to just ignore it and crack on, but a si have now started my last 2 years tim eto get it looked at i suppose.

One thing i found did help was an ab belt, the electric contractions seemed to ease it abit, and worked my stomache without me putting too much pressure on my lower abs.

I am concerned about it long term, as someone said you use your abductors all the time, so without doing anything at all i can't see a way to recover.
After seeing the specialist it turns out my original diagnosis (guess?) was wrong. He pushed, pulled, twisted and poked and came out with a lot of long words I can't pronounce. The short of it is that I've got a muscle in spasm around my hip and all the other muscles (lower rectus, aductors, hamstring, glutes, etc) have, as he said, come out in sympathy for the fucked one.

Good news is that I can train as much as I like but listen to my body.
Bad news is that it can take up to a year to fully sort it out.

Thanks for the replies guys and I wish you luck with your injuries.

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