Address/ Post code finders?

Ok, I've got the phone number of some little shite that's trying to rip me off on ebay. I've got his phone number from the ebay people, so here's the question:

He lives in 'ooop North' land so I'm not wanting to go around and smash his knees. Is there any way I can get his Post code/ Address or just real name, from his phone number?




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If he's not ex-directory, then yes - you'll find it either on the t'interweb, or by phoning BT and getting the local area phone book (providing you can find out which county he is in).

As a matter of interest, how did he rip you off? If you put a complaint into Ebay, they will stop the money/grab it back until the dispute is resolved.

Better than this, if you use your credit card to support ebay transactions, you can simply do a credit card chargeback, whereby your credit card company has to pay you back, and they then pass that back on to the recipient of your money OR ebay.

Failing that - give me the number and user-name and we'll see what we can do.
I got a real bargain off him, so I think he's going to go to ground instead of posting my stuff. I've tried BT etc, but I don't think I've got his real name. That or the line isn't in his name... I'd just rather I got what I paid for than have the money back, ye know?

Chat to anyone who has rated him ok, get his address of them ?
Maybe use google on his username, see if anyother usernames & email's come up ie. username matche's facebook / bebo accounts in right area ?
Google his phone number ? (might get lucky)
See I've got the phone number already, so 118 etc don't help. All I've got is the City. I think I've narrowed it down to all but the last two numbers on the post code, but it's still no good.

Any one at all? Can some one from the slime beans this through one of their fancy int computer jobs??

Well now I've got an Sat/ Aerial photo of the fecker's house! Just trying to get the house number now.

Thanks every one.


Edit to add- I am 90% sure of the house when you look at the Photo, any one know how you can get a house number of the picture? Don't fancy counting the houses!

PM me with his name and the details that you have and I will look at the Electoral Register... unless it is a common name or he hasn't registered...

Ok, so thank's for the help every one. With the help of the electoral register and that fancy 'beans in your phone number' website I think I've found the fecker!

Lets see what happens!


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