address for 28 engineer regt, hameln??

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by hunter_1873, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. anyone know the street name for gordon barracks in hameln??
  2. Shouldn't need it, BFPO 31 should suffice. However, you could always use Google Maps.
  3. suntel strasse, bfpo 31.............................good times!!!!
  4. thanks mate, just been posted there. got a long drive this weekend :D
  5. let us know if "Georges" is still there, cheers.
  6. Beat the CO in a quiz and the prize was meal for two in Georges-with free wine and beer! Which as many might expect cost said proprietor more than a few marks-remember them anyone!
  7. Suntel Str is the Street name and 31785 is the Post Code.

    Any other questions dont hesitate to ask.
  8. Ah Georges!! Had some bloody brilliant meals in there. Top place :)
  9. Georges is still there, go there every now and then for lunch with the Mrs.

    Still got a Parrot squacking away at the entrance.