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Additional training to give me an edge...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by robbiedont, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. Everyone in here seems to concentrate on their fitness but that isn't something that worries me.

    What else would stand me in good stead though? And any suggestions on where I might go or what I might do to help myself?

    I got my dear ole mum to teach me how to sew the other night as I remember seeing that mentioned somewhere but what about things like map reading/navigation?

    I understand that I will be taught every thing I need to know but there is no harm in being prepared!
  2. knife fighting is a must, even better if you can do some sub aqua training
  3. To be honest, I would keep working on Phys, this will give you the upper edge and the ability to concentrate during the other CMS(R) programmed lessons. Could learn to Iron, personnal administration (washing, shaving etc), boot bulling, these are what will take up most of all your free time during training!
  4. That's just silly.

    Robbie: The Knife fighting test is a doddle. They obviously like the good blokes to pass and that looks like it's you. Therefore they'll pitch you against a fatl mong recruit (bloke joining the RLC usually).

    I'd work on my ninja death star throwing if I were you. Especially the upside down shot onto a moving target. That's the hardest.
  5. you could always practise getting up really really early, rushing around to get ready and then go and stand outside your house doing nothing for about 2 hours. hurry up and wait - essential skill!
  6. I'm a mean ironer anyway, and have all my admin boxes ticked. :)
  7. Wish id mastered ironing myself, but didnt and paid the price more than once.
  8. Drink training is a must, the ability to get totally trashed, eat a pizza whilst saving some for breakfast, then getting up early to finish it off followed by a 3 mile run to sweat out the alcohol in your system, is the best training you can do.
  9. Practice standing still while you get your mates to stand just inches in front of you and scream insults at you while prodding you with a stick.

    practice standing in the shower with a bar of soap in your hand and not dropping it when it gets slippery. (on no thats for going to prison or joining the navy)
  10. Thanks chaps, I looked up underwater knife fighting in the yellow pages but to no avail, anywhere I can learn this essential skill on civvy street?
  11. Walking through walls,It's hard the first few times,But my recruiter told me to stick at it.

  12. I was an Section Commander Instructor in 2003, for me and the rest of the team a strong, physically fit soldier stood out amongst the rest (as long as he wasn't JACK with it, or DS watcher) I stated before, it will allow you to absorb the other information coming towards you at a rapid rate of knotts.

    Go and enjoy training, it will be some of the best times in your career, you will always remember your Section Comd for the rest of your 22yrs (if you intend to stay that long). Don't be over confident/cocky, be humble and assist the weaker member's, remember you, as a section are a TEAM. Good luck to what could be an awesome career, with people you can call friends for life, not like civy waster's, real friends, that would drop everything to fight by your side even after years without any contact.

    The saddest part is, in what seem to be a couple years, the dream is over and you are knocking on CivDiv's door (it goes that quickly).
  13. you could always put in some practise with the kebab compass!
  14. Self-Initiative
    Personal Pride
    Moral Codex
    Cultural Codex
    Mental fitness and awareness
    Stance and bearing
    Soft Skills (communication) speaking, listening, mannerisms.

    Here is about a third of what you could need.
    When you have learnt all those, you can commence to get yourself physically fit.
    Quite a lot when you think, the main aim of the Army is to CLOSE WITH THE ENEMY AND KILL HIM !

  15. 1) Spend 48 hours crawling around in the mud with no water proofs on and make sure you only have 6 hours sleep in three 2 hour sessions. Then go home and ask you Mum or Dad to inspect the your bedroom in four hours time.

    2) When they inspect, all clothing (including the set you have just worn) must have been washed dried and ironed. This includes the clothes you are in and all items of clothing must be arranged neatly and starched.

    3) Eat some food

    3) Go in a room, turn up the heating, and listen to Radio 4 for two hours without falling asleep.

    4) Go to the gym for two hours

    5) Eat some food

    6) Go in a room, turn up the heating, and listen to Radio 4 for two hours without falling asleep

    7) 10 minute break

    8) Go in a room, turn up the heating, and listen to Radio 4 for two hours without falling asleep

    9) Eat some food

    8) Once the sun sets stand outside your front door 2 hours on 2 hours off till 0700.

    9) Eat something

    10) Go in a room, turn up the heating, and listen to Radio 4 for two hours without falling asleep

    11) 10 minute break

    12) Go in a room, turn up the heating, and listen to Radio 4 for two hours without falling asleep

    13) Go for an eight mile run

    14) Go in a room, turn up the heating, and listen to Radio 4 for two hours without falling asleep.

    15) Start again at task one.

    Either do the above or improve your fitness, your choice. Good luck.