Additional Tetra Role - Comms Installation Eng, Manchester

We've another vacancy just come up - need a comms installation engineer to install/maintain/fault find etc.

Must be capable of working to MPT1362 Guidelines, along with NPIA compliance. Want person who can be technically innovative, build bespoke solutions alongside standard installation types. Knowledge of electrical circuitry essential.

Haven't got the full JD with me here at home as we only got the position authorised earlier today, and been up to my eyeballs catching up on work having been off last week. However, PM me with your e-mail address, and I will send the JD asap.

Team is mainly ex military (myself, my deputy and one current installation eng are all ex Sigs), and we'd prefer to have someone from the forces join us as we know what we're getting.

Get in touch


We're still looking for a successful candidate to fill this role.
If you can interpret basic circuit diagrams, design and build RF filters from scratch (for example), and are looking to do a job where the day flies by, alongside the Police, then PM me and I'll let you know how to apply for the role, and provide further details of course.


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