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Gents, a bit of advice needed if possible. I'm on an ADC contract of 150 days per year and I have been told that the maximum number of MTDs I can do in this training year is 27. So far I have used 25. I am told that there is no way that I can extend the number of MTDs, possibly due to employment law.

I suspect this is nonsense and the information is duff. Any information or advice appreciated.
You should be able to do upto 207, regardless of your contract type, so if you have a 150 day ADC contract you have 57 MTDs to use. Your unit may have constraints preventing you from doing the full number, but it isnt a legal problem.
Apparently if you go over 207 then (under some european working time directive thingy) you are entitled to full time benefits etc, and that isnt going to happen.
Careful management of MTDs is required if they will only let you do 27 of them.

Until last year the max was 247, but the EU intervened with a watershed of 207 thinking that part time workers would benefit- only problem was they all lost out as employers did the obvious and reduced peoples days.
I'm not on an ADC but have a limit of 116, am on 79 at the moment....
Now comes the real p!ss take....

If you are on ADC then you have two contracts, one is you ADC and the other is your MTDs.
Because they are two contracts your tax code is applied to your ADC and the TA contract attracts the basic rate, on all of it (25%?).
So if it is two separate contracts, which the HMRC accept it as, then surely you could do your 150 days ADC and 207 MTDs on your TA contract without breaking the european WTD, because each contract is unconnected to the other, you would be doing 207 or less on each contract.

It is one contract when it suits the Army ('you cant do more than 207 days sonny'), then it is two contracts when it suits the Army ('must pay basic rate on your second job sonny').
Surely it is one contract or two, not both and neither at the same time......?
"Additional Duties Commitment (ADC). ADC offers Reservists opportunities to undertake part-time work with the Services, either with Regular or Reserve units or more usually within headquarters establishments. Used for service over 90 days up to a maximum of 180 days. Used for extended duties such as Unit activities, recruitment, welfare, projects/studies. Under this form of Service, a Reservist enters a commitment to perform part-time service on a regular basis (for a specified number of days per week)."

The role you are filing was deemed only to need 150 days ADC, which was agreed by yourself at the start of the contract. Depending on your unit role and where you fit in the GCM (see below) will denote how many MTDs you have in your case 27 so you have a Maximum of 177 MTDs.

The info you have been given is correct, why do you need more days?

"Graduated Commitments Mechanism is a model used to measure the training commitment (in number of Man Training Days (MTD) required from TA personnel at any stage throughout their career."

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