Additional Duties Commitments (ADC) - Pension Rights???


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I have been informed that an ex-regular soldier serving in the TA who is being forced into taking an ADC because of the nature of his TA work must give up his regular service pension for the duration of his ADC engagement. Obviously this would result in significantly less incentive for him to commit to an ADC. I don't trust the source who told me that he would lose his pension, and it doesn't seem completely above board. Surely his previous regular service and the pension he has earned from it are a completely separate issue from his TA engagement, whether or not it is under ADC? NRPS staff keep their regular service pensions as well as their NRPS pay, so why can't someone on and ADC keep his pension too?

I have been given a draft copy of Annex G to Chapter 1 of the latest TA Regs, which states:

19. Pension. ADC paid days are reckonable for pension purposes in accordance with the Reserve Forces Pension Scheme (RFPS) and qualifying service may be aggregated with periods of FTRS, mobilised or permanent service. Personnel are reminded that ADC duties cannot be aggregated with former Regular service under either AFPS 75 or 05 for pension purposes.
Fine, so it cannot be aggregated with your reg pension. But why would you have to surrender your reg pension while on an ADC???? Very confused, and would be most grateful for some clarification.

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Para 19 says that he cannot use pension earned under the ADC to top up his regular pension. In other words, he would have to contribute to one of the alternative schemes. It does not say that he has to give up his regular pension.

Best answer is to speak or write to the Pensions Office in Glasgow. They are the authority on this. Anyone at unit level who thinks they know enough about the topic to offer pensions advice particularly in this complex area is dangerously deluded (including me!).
I would think it would be the same as taking on an FTRS contract. If you are in receipt of a regular army pension you are liable to have your pension abated. That does not mean he will neccesarily lose it all.


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Thanks chaps.

The difference to my mind would be that when you are on an FTRS contract, you are a fully-committed full-time employee. An ADC is simply a recognition that you are part-time, because your duties (above and beyond your mandatory training commitment) are such that they will not allow you to be classed as casual labour. Why, therefore should you lose your regular service pension (or even have it abated). I can see the rationale for FTRS, but not for ADC.

How do I get in touch with the Pensions Office (if anyone happens to know off hand and save me the time of trying to find out elsewhere?!!)

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