Additional Contributions

I'm due to hit retirement age before I can earn a full pension. How do I go about buying additional years and is it worth it?
It is too complicated to answer here, talk to your FSA about AVCs & FSAVCs, the rules and rates are quite complicated, and then to your independant financial advisor.
Are there any links that we can look at Paymaster?
Id love to put a little bit more away but dont know the rules.
Im aiming my money at ISA's as a way of protecting it from Mr Brown at the moment but if i can save anymore elsewhere it would be a Brucie!
While im on a roll what are the rules in moving ISA money abroad when i leave these shores? I could after all be saving for Feck all.
Thanks in advance
There are various instructions contained within DSPSI 163 which your admin office will have.

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