Additional battlegroup for Herrick

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ssupersixfour, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. Just announced by Des Browne.

    1 R Welsh with a Coy of Warriors from Scots Guards
    Battery and Regt from 19 Regt RA, a battery from 5 Regt RA and MLRS from 39 Regt RA
    Further reconnaisance units (I'm guessing he's referring to FR units but it's not clear)
    4 more Harrier GR9's and 4 Sea Kings from 846 NAS
    Some will be reservists but he doesn't know how many.
    Total of c1,400 more troops to go, starting in May and moving over the summer.

    Forgive if any errors; I'm typing as he speaks.
  2. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away...
  3. Aah, as ever they only mention the teeth.....

    I wonder if there are any loggies going? Or spanners, perhaps? What about some more doctors? Hey, who cares. huh?!!!!!!!!
  4. Answer=not a lot :shakefist:

    For example, 2nd RWR have already taken their pickings from the TA element of RWR (3rd) for Iraq this summer.

    Where are these reservists coming from again?
  5. Apparently they are going to take on a medevac role to free up Chinooks. This is in response to a question from Liam Fox.
  6. Interesting to see MLRS units being deployed, wern't they talking about scrapping them!

    I'm watching the BBC Parliament now, interesting to know how the government doesn't seem to be pushing for our so called 'NATO allies' to send in more troops, makes it look like the last 50 years in Germany were a total waste of time.
  7. Well according to some of the threads in Just TA there seems to be no lack of reservists wanting to go but a lack of roles for them to slot into.
  8. Mabey a final deployment?
  9. surely this will see a large number of the HAC (TA) get used via 5th Artillery Reg...

    I imagine these guys along with 4/73 sphinx will be making plenty of use of the MLRS - text book op for these guys - build hide - watch dam - see taliban - unleash hell.....
  10. Could not help but notice that Des Browne said the troops werewell upto to the task of meeting the taliban.indeed they even took the fight to them over the winter. So why the extra troops?
  11. Bet Brown (Leader No.2) will still want savings as we exit from Iraq.

    Yes, I am cynical but look at the record of this disreputable government.
  12. Warrior IFV's and a load of other hardware too. Hopefuly that C-130 will make it. Are 3 Commando being replaced in theater?
  13. I'm quite prepared to be wrong but don't Sea Kings have problems with "hot and high" operations? if so are the going to be of much use in Afghanistan.
  14. Re the GR9's do they have a gun these days or are we dependant on our own Apaches or American A-10's etc if that kind of CAS is needed ?