Additional allowances payable for deployment in Afghanistan


Response to a question put yesterday to the Government and recorded in the House of Lords Hansard 9 January 2007 Colmn WA63

Lord Burnett asked Her Majesty's Government:

"Which additional allowances are payable to British Troops deployed on active service in Afghanistan?"

Lord Drayson replied.

(two pages)

(See also colmn WA 64 response by Drayson to Question tabled by Lord Astor -Sgt Steven Roberts nquiry)

I post if only to allow the service community to check and compare anything Drayson announces in their Lordship's House with the reality of their lives.

Drayson is as slippery as they come and anything he says needs to be studied very carefully.


War Hero
Answers are correct, although Work of an Objectionable Nature or Unpleasant Nature are two different allowances and can be paid, but are very hard to get CoC to authorise.

In IRAQ it normally kicks in when temperatures exceed a given level and work must continue ie on airframes or in confined spaces.

Also burials and or recovery of vehicles after fatal incidents can attract it. These are not liited to AFGHAN but any theatre including UK.

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