Adding a spare router to home wifi network?

Morning all

Right, here's the background:

Just moved house and we now have a cellar that I'm going to use as an office. The previous owner has kindly left 2 x IP CCTV cameras powered via POE and these cables are run back to the cellar.

Upstairs in the lounge we have a new BT Home Hub 5 and we need this to stay there for the BT TV service. We still have the old Home Hub 4 and I wondered if this could be used in the cellar to connect the 2 cameras to the home network?

Running a cable between the spare router and the one in the lounge isn't an option, and at the moment I'm too tight to buy some powerline adaptors if there is a 'free' solution with the kit I already have. Plus the fact that spending any money on 'nice to haves' is domestically sensitive at the moment as the list of 'important' stuff continues to grow.

I'm by no means a computer biff, but I'm no network guru either.

In a nutshell, can I conect the slave router 'wirelessly' and then connect 2 x POE cameras to the spare LAN sockets on the back and expect everything to work?

I use a Macbook Air, however a couple of windows PCS use the same network if it makes a difference. The existing wifi signal reaches to the cellar with no problems.

Thanks in advance!



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If you set up a VPN wouldn't the slave work through that? You may need to connect them via an Ethernet cable first though.
I might need to qualify what I said above: I'm no biff and am more than capable of changing settings within the router etc, but not a network guru means that I have no clue about VPN's or what is possible with one!

I don't think so...

The BT Hubs are normally set up with the broadband cable modem on the feed side to the router.. not sure you can reconfigure the wireless access point to act as a bridge! They are pretty well hard wired for the "normal" configuration and to prevent the great unwashed messing them up!

Transmission speeds on wireless are not a fast as with cable and may not be the best solution for video etc..
Thanks for the pointers however it seems as if the suggestions in bcsack's postrely on a wired connection or the use of kit yet to be purchased; which I'm not looking to buy at the moment.

That said, if there is no way of repurposing my spare router on a purely wireless basis, then I'll add the powerline adaptors to the ever-growing list of things for this new house!



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