Adding a poppy to my avatar...

#1 do I go about it?

Is it a case of copying the avatar to photoshop, adding a poppy and then using the new image or is there an easy 'through this 'ere forum' way of doing it.

Milo Minderbinder would I'm sure want to show his support for the RBL as much as I do.

Thanks for any help.


the same as posting photos m8, copy the piccy into an online photo storage area, then copy the URL IMG path and paste where you want it

use mine if you want

insert the url path below in between the tags above and copy/paste into siggy area under your profile!

http:// take out this gap here


just had to edit this as i noticed the URL had activated! theres now a gap that needs to be taken out.

easy aint it?
Thanks between licking windows I too have pondered my inability on this topic


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Here you go. Right click and 'save image as'. You can then update your avatar in your settings.

Let me know if you want the poppy bigger or placed somewhere else.


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