My name is Dale, I am addicted to Deal or No Deal.
ok i'll bite,
but only cos its you "mate"

WTF is this all about dale?
My name's spike & I'm addicted to Spam & Marmite sarnies......






"My name's Gerald, and I'm addicted to Vasodomy. I don't give it mind, I'm not bald."
Now i get it, ( was obvious really)

my names Hallveg and i am addicted to fruit machines

no really i think i might be
Crabby and I'm addicted to arrse... I'm so ashamed

I went weak at the knees a few minutes ago when it returned a server error and I thought I'd have to do something better with my time. Never ever leave me again arrse *cuddles laptop*
I am the Guru and I am addicted to Jag (well Catherine Bell)
RAID said:
i am additive to sex when i can get it from the wife that is.
yep me to :D

Your wifes great!!!
the_guru said:
Spell check !
What ?

i only used about 7 words

spelling Nazi!!!
My name is IrishDoris and I am addicted to Filth
Miss Bell should get someone to look her over before going on parade, she has a button undo, but good work on the boots

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