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Is Britain becoming a nation of skivers?

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Addicted to idleness
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The bloated state of our welfare system has long been a national disgrace.

Even as unemployment tumbled under the Conservatives, the number claiming incapacity benefit – "going on the sick" – crept steadily upwards. Despite pledge after pledge, most notoriously to "think the unthinkable", Labour has failed to address the problem, with the result that there are now 2.7 million people paid to stay out of work because of poor health.

The resulting toll is heavy indeed. As Frank Field, the man appointed to solve the problem in 1997 who then swiftly resigned in dismay, has pointed out, if you have been on incapacity benefit for two years, you are more likely to be removed from the rolls by death or retirement than by actually finding a job.
Umm... there are 950,000 unemployed and in reciept of benefits.
And 2.7 million "sick" (of which remember some are genuine).

Current advertised UK vacancies, just short of 600,000.

Figures do not include those "in training"

See the problem?

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