Addicted to arrse!

Bumped into a mate in the bar last night, had a few glasses of Brown Brothers Tarrango, felt good, then he confessed all. Said he was addicted to arrse. Blimey I said, each to their own. Said he couldn't keep away from it, wanted some arrse first thing in the morning to pep him up for the day, if he had a bad morning he wanted arrse for lunch, and after his run at night he needed arrse to relax. My jaw was still open! He said he was positive that some of the girls in the unit liked arrse, but didn't know who they were, some blokes as well, but wasn't keen on finding them out. I said he may wish to consider counselling, but he said I was just talking arrse!
One of my extremely well fablonned* ARRSE posters has been pinned to the noticeboard in the BATUS Officers' Mess - back of the net!

(Not shure what this has to do with the thread - something to do with being a really keen ARRSEr...)

*Crappy spelling.
I have Mr Potato Head over my desk, gets some very strange looks.......

Butt I'm not arrse-ing around or bumming on the net during office hours, that would be cr*p!

Beebs (groan)
I take great pride in wearing my "Fox-E-Lady" t - shirt. It just gives people a chance to look at my chest. They don't normally notice it.

And there are many "arrse" business cards scattered around the country.
Haven't seen anyone else wearing an arrse t-shirt at this BFPO.

You have to spread the word MSR - get the cheapskates to get to the arrse shop.......
Brown Bros Tarrango - the only red I can tolerate :D

Mr Miz and I love a bit of ARRSE. In fact I would go so far as to say we cannot do without a daily dose of ARRSE where ever we are. When we get home from a hard day the first thing we do is get on the sofa and open my ARRSE. We spend hours buried deep in ARRSE in fact sometimes we will spend all evening till we fall asleep ARRSEing. I love getting my ARRSE open first thing in the morning and a quick opening of my ARRSE before I go on duty always makes the time past faster. I am never too tired to get ARRSEd and no matter where we are ARRSE is the first thing on our minds. It's a wonderful thing when a couple are devoted to ARRSE as are we.

I would like to point out I have had a few double black ices :lol:
Bumped into my mate again this afternoon, said he was having a break from arrse. He didn't say why, I said OK. Suggested that he should speak to the Padre after church tomorrow if he needed to talk. He said I was talking arrse!

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