Added 2nd drive, cant see it.

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Swamp_Rat, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. System: Dell Dimension 5100 running WinXP

    I've added second SATA drive, connected it up, all okay and it's visible in Device Manager, shown as ST380013AS in the picture below.

    Device manager also says the drive is installed and 'This device is working properly'.

    However I can't see it when I go right click on Start>Explore.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated, I thank you in advance.

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  2. When you have two or more hard drives the drives themselves need to be ID'd as MASTER & SLAVE by moving a small Jumper Pin on the drive. Your new drive is probably still set as a Master.
  3. Right click 'my computer', go to 'manage', then something along the lines of disk management and you should see it. You just need to format it I think, but google should be able to tell you more!
  4. Also it may be necessary to run your BIOS setup so that the drive will be recognised by the 'native' hardware. Instructions on how to do this usually appear onscreen BEFORE Windows kicks in, genrally involves pressing Esc, or a Function key on boot up.
  5. As Mike said you need to set one as master, then check bios settings and away you go.
  6. Had the same problem. With Serial ATA 99% of the time there are no jumpers to be set (unless you have a SATA II drive and want to throttle down to SATA 150 speed)

    However, if BIOS sees it on boot, and Windows Device Manager sees if, it probably just needs to be formatted. Go to Windows Help, search "To initialize new disks", click on the link "Computer Management (Local)" and it will open up the Disk Manager so you can partition and format the new drive.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Thanks.

    BIOS sees both drives;
    Drive 0: SATA 0
    Drive 1: SATA 2

    ...where drive 0 is the original C: and drive 1 is the newer one.

    There are no jumpers at all on drive 0. Although there are jumper pins on drive 1 there are no jumpers, I'll whip out the drive and study the settings if they're printed on the casing.

    I'll try the search "To initialize new disks" and go from there.

    Thanks again, YHITMIA.
  8. Cheers mate you're a diamond.

    I did exactly what you said and it works a treat.

    Many thanks.
  9. Not a problem, cheers!