Add a new entry to Army Slang


Don't know how to create a new entry, have just ben adding to existing ones...

Nope, just want to add to the Army slang page ....

LOL MSR your taking an axe to the wiki!!

Remember that "Army Slang" is a category and not a normal page. Any entry that has [[Category:Army Slang]] at the top be listed automatically in the Army Slang page by the software.

If you wanted it listed in the dictionary you would also add [[Category:Dictionary]]

Keep at it dont worry if it goes titsup we will fix it!
Done it!

Furry Turd, thick as. Could be applied to me!



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Well I am stuffed if I can work this bloody thing out.

So, I clicked the link, edit the link to remove Bollox, added the text and it just edits Bollox

So, we elderly are incapable of adding to Wiki!


Ignore me, I worked it out by translating the advice from the original Serbo-croat. I did manage to totally bollox up the bollox page though. How do you add a page without doing this?
There are 2 ways to create a new page.

1 a new page can be made by typing in the following 3 bits of information this starts off the URL page, all that is missing is the title of your page, for example lets choose Football as our new page

Football the page we are creating

&action=edit This tells the wiki that you would like to edit the page window

Now put them all together and it looks like this,

This will now create the new page for you to edit. You must then save it when you have finished.

Dont forget to add a category at the start, then your page will be auto listed for you. e.g [[CATEGORY:ARMY SLANG]] however check that the category exists and that you have spelled it correctly.

The 2nd way is to edit an exisiting page and turn a word into a new link, one that can then be clicked on to bring up an edit screen. Edit the page in question and find the word in the text. now add [[ ]] around the word and check it in preview. that word should now be red, if so you can save and the click on it to edit it.

Now if a page exists but it is also known by a shorter or different name or you would like to abbreviate a link then again edit the page in question find the word/link and this time add the real page name into the link.

eg If I wanted to link R Sigs to the proper Signals page which is The Royal Corps of Signals I would type this,

[[R Sigs|The Royal Corps of Signals]] the link will now work to the right page but display the abbreviated version on the reference page. This stops having 4 or 5 redirected pages with no content.

How did I do the | ?? You get it by pressing shift and the back slash key to the left of your Z key.

No doubt you now have a very big headache, well it will soon pass especially as you find that eureka moment in the wiki.

Have fun!! 8O


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