ADCS Tomorrow any tips?

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Ive got selection tomorrow in scotland, i kinda know about most of the things im going to be doing while im up there but im not to sure about what to say in my ice breaker, what i should say what i shouldnt etc. Basically i wanna get up there and do my best and hopefully pass but is there any things i should know from people that have been previosly? Any comments i will be greatfull. Cheers
on the ice breaker say that your whole family and all your friends support you joining the army and that they are all happy for you to do so , dont say that they dont support you ect
I know this is very obvious advice and it's what they will tell you over and over but first time I went up I didn't do well and got a low C. Just do your best at everything there is, when they tell you to shout don't shout like a little girl scream at the top of your lungs. Remember that when they are shouting at you for doing something wrong that they don't hate you they are trying to get you to do it right.

On the PSSR make sure you watch how they are doing the exercises properly. On the team tasks get really enthusiastic and try and get competitive to beat the records that they tell you. Also a tip with the planks is when you try and place them down rest it against your toe and lower it down like a draw bridge.

And last but not least as in my opinion it was the worst bit. On the grenade throwing just keep telling yourself that it will finish soon and keep going at your best. The leopard crawling is tiring as hell and hurts your elbows and knees.

Anyway the only advice you need is to do your absolute best and not let your head drop if you get something wrong.
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