Discussion in 'Officers' started by Typsey, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. Have been offered the job of ADC to a 1 star to start in a couple of months. Am after any advice from members who have completed a post as ADC in the past.

    Any top tips etc would be gratefully received.

    Cheers, Typsey
  2. ADC to a 1* - are you sure?
  3. New one on me.
  4. It is good for the profile at such an early stage of the career, although in reality all you do is sort out the 1 star's diary.
  5. I'd rather eat my sh1t with a rusty spoon. Avoid HQ life until the last possible moment. There is no fun to be had there- nobody joins the army to be a desk johnny.
  6. Yes, but if you want to command your Regiment, and you would like to command a Brigade at 43 years old, it doesn't do any harm to have a senior man who knows you very well, and the entire hierarchy of the British Army who knows who you are - assuming you don't f*ck it up that is! In 6 years time when they are sitting on a board, looking at your pack, you are already one step ahead of the man they have never met.

    But ADC to a 1*? It would have to be an 'odd' job. Far more likely to be a 3* - even the 2*s have to struggle on with just an MA and no-one to take their dry-cleaning in!
  7. I imagine the post is as an Assistant MA (AMA).

    Don't do it and enjoy the freedom of Regimental life - the booze, the sports, the early knock offs, the misbehaving. If you want to get some "face" time with senior officers (crawly crawly bum lick) there will be plenty of opportunities further down the line.

    Imagine the misery of working at weekends to go and visit TA units, the hours on the road, getting his kit ready, getting bollocked for forgetting to schedule his wife's dental appointment. And all the lovely paperwork - visit reports, minutes, briefs, drafting sh1te, redrafting sh1te, presentations. No other YOs to play with, unsociable hours, unsociable people.

    Don't feel honoured to have been asked. Avoid like death.
  8. Just a thought, this is a new poster and recently another new poster was on here looking for stories of how ADC's and MA's messed up. This was to support a commercial presentation he was doing.

    Is this the same guy trying to get people to diush the dirt more subtely - I'd advise some caution in what you write here gents.
  9. Jim, loathe as I am to agree with you, I smell a rat too ......
  10. The sort of people who normally sort out 1* diaries are mature,genteel,refined ladies so unless you are a overage cross-dresser,I would give it a bye :D
  11. I've yet to meet a 1* with an ADC; in my experience not seen until 2*.

    1* is likely to have a civilian PA to run his diary and COS/DCOS to nominate an unfortunate SO3 for any jiff jobs - also the super-clerk get's pretty stuck in to running his life.
  12. 1* Bde Comds on Ops have an ADC/AMA: why not go for it ? Better than staying in blighty and you never know you might just get an insight into how a Bde on ops works that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your career.
  13. An abject lack of understanding of what being an ADC is has been superbly displayed here by asr1, unless he has been very unlucky to have had a bad experience of being an ADC.

    One should balance the response as one who has been an ADC: only one visit to the TA at weekends in 18 months; never had to get the General's kit ready; never did his wife's admin; the paperwork was less than tedious and gave me an insight into how to come to the point rapidly and make a cogent argument on paper; learning from senior officers and their mistakes; lots and lots of preparation for what we do beyond regimental duty whilst still enjoying aspects of regimental life including being able to see how other regiments do business (and realising that there are parts of the Army which can perform as well as your own part at work and at play); lots of other YOs to play with; reasonable hours and a very sociable time all round.

    How sad, an officer who enjoyed a job!

    ADC to a Bde Comd, which I assume this is about, I think would be good value: it will be for a short time; there is probably a regimental connection with the commander - which has its own advantages in terms of regimental int; you will see the inside of a bde HQ and see how capts are treated and what you would and wouldn't do if you were a COS or DCOS. Clerks and such can sort out the diary, SO3 Visits/Protocol does the boring stuff and you get to see an operational environment from a different perspective. To balance this further, one friend of mine had an appalling time as an ADC to a 1* and another had an excellent time working for a 4*.

    The whole experience depends on the Principal. I would suggest that if he knows how to use an ADC to his fullest potential then you will have a great time: if not, it will be difficult for both of you.
  14. Hi guys and girls, thanks for taking the time with your answers.

    Firstly, yes I am a new poster, but no, I am not a rat!

    I have indeed been offered a job on Ops as a 1*'s ADC. Against my better judgement, I have taken it. I am TA which is why I need as much advice as possible as I have only ever been employed as a Pl Comd.

    Thankfully my CO has found me work for a couple of months with one of our regular battalions to try and give me an insight into regimental life and I will be also working with the Adj.

    I am glad that I have decided to take this job offer as I think it will be a better experience than force protection again!

    Thanks again.
  15. Quite right! Have the others on this thread who have never heard of a 1* having an ADC ever been on an op tour in the last 4 years!!!!!!!!!!!