Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ancient, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. As I am on the point of resigning my ADC contract as it's too crap to be real, I have been told that there is every chance that those doing critical ADC roles will be converted to the FTRS contract "shortly". Has anyone else heard this, or anything substantial to back it up, or is it likely to be an astonishing piece of bullshit dressed up as coincidence?

    Just as an aside, has anyone got anything positive to say about the ADC contract? I mean, anything at all?
  2. Surely if someone has a civilian job, and has a demanding role within the TA and the luxury of being able to commit more time to it, then ADC is perfect? If ADC did not exist, with a possible cap on MTD's, how would these roles be fulfilled? For example, those filling TA posts in command, recruitment, training etc. These people have to juggle civilian and TA life, like the rest of us, but have a role in the TA that demands more of their time, and they're fortunate to sort that balance out through ADC.

    FTRS is something else. Presumably you are doing ADC because you don't have a civilian job? You obviously knew the terms before you agreed to the ADC. If you wanted to go full time, perhaps you should have sought an FTRS post from the start?

    ADC is not there to provide a full time job.
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  3. I suppose a big factor is your daily rate of pay. I am on ADC, Work three days per week, Tuesday drill night and in two weekends per month. It works out well for me and I earn a load more than if i had some god awful minimum wage job working every hour sent then doing MTD's on top so for me yes I am happy albeit for the time being.

    Paid leave, flexible, better security than being on MTD's and although the HTD is a bug bear for some I only commute 4 miles each way.
  4. FTRS at an Army Reserve unit is a pipe dream although the RAF reserve have FTRS at Cpl level.

  5. Indeed...
  6. In know no one has posted a comment on this topic for a while, but has anyone actually read the Army Reserves Glossary of Term of Service? see below the exerts taken from said document.
    Regional unit personnel may not aggregate more than 117, and national unit personnel more than 109 Man Training Days (MTDs) a year on training or duties. All MTDs in excess of 27 days will normally be regarded as voluntary training or other duties. VTOD must not be used for more than 90 days; continued employment above this threshold must be on ADC or the MoD will breach the Working Time Regulations 1998.

    ADC Commitment
    Not less than four continuous (not aggregated) working weeks that must include the estimated leave entitlement. During this period an individual is to attend for at least one whole days duty or part days’ duty that aggregate to not less than one whole day in each of those weeks. An individual entering an ADC commitment is committed to attending for duty on days or part-days each week at a nominated place of duty as specified in the commitment. The maximum ADC commitment in any 12 month period is a total of 180 full (i.e. aggregated) working days, which must include all entitled leave. The maximum period of ADC employment is 42 months, with individual commitments issued for a maximum of 12 months (bounded by the training year). Reserve liability must not end before the ADC expiry date. If an extension of Reserve liability is not granted prior to an ADC starting, the commitment is to be limited to the current retirement date. The length of commitment between the maximum and minimum is to be by mutual agreement of the applicant, and the employing unit or branch, in agreement with the Authorizing Office.
    As you will note the two paragraphs, there is nothing in the T&C'S about MTD's being reduced to 51 days.
    The T & C's are clear. If you need more than the 90 Days then an ADC would need to be sought. The 117 days that an extension can be sought for is for MTD's only. The said person on ADC can in effect work up to 180 day's ADC. It also states in TA Regs. That an ADC Contract would not infringe upon MTD's.
    Why is all the RAO's being confused over this. It's in BLACK and WHITE.
    Let the guys do their commitment. Also comments about people using ADC for work is probably right. So what difference does it make. Think of the times we're in. every penny counts.
  7. If a civilian company tried to employ people on similar terms there would be an outcry, FTRS is a c*nts cop out not worthy of the people that sign up to it. ADC is even worse, if a job exist then at least have the decency to employ people on a proper contract.
  8. Entirely correct because VTOD does not attract paid leave. Oh, wait a minute...

    VTOD can now be extended past 117 days if the circumstances preclude the use of ADC on authority from Army HQ. So if flexibility and HDT are driving issues a case can be made. ADC remains the preferred option for 117-207 days though.

    There is a case being made to upgrade sub unit recruit mentors from ADC to FTRS HC. Wait out.
  9. Sure about that? Isn't ADC there to provide a role for those too feckless or lazy to bother getting a civvy job, so they can sloth around the TAC getting face time with PSI's and getting on all the good courses first?

    Did I miss something? The dole patrol strikes again.

    Familiar Scenario

    Pte Normalbloke
    "Oh, sorry Colour. I've already used all my holiday entitlement for this year on TA days, and the missus would actually like us to go away as a family and spend a week in the sun. It is only my hobby after all."

    CSgt Capbadge
    "Well, that's just crap commitment isn't it? Look at LCpl Bluebottle over there. He's done 8 trade courses this year already. You need to be more like him."

    Where is anyone with a civvy job supposed to get the time off to do whats gradually being expected, I.E a trade course, annual camp, MATTs and whatever else in between?
  10. Apart from the fact that those on Army Done Cheaply contracts, once they've done their 3 days a week recruiting, only have 27 days left to do 'normal' reserve trg. Not enough to do camp, key weekends and drill nights, let alone 8 courses.

    Not to say there aren't dole wallahs doing this but don't blame the ADCs who are getting the smelly end of the stick while trying to deliver the reserve main effort with questionable resourcing.