ADC Jobs - Any good?


I heard last week that there's an ADC job looking to be filled next year.  Two immediate questions sprang to mind:

   a.    Is it inevitable that it will be filled by someone young pretty...  and female? (so MCM keeps the GOC happy..)  Or am I being cynical?

   b.    Are ADC jobs any good - interesting/ challenging/ everything else you join for, etc.  Or are you an overpaid bag-carrier?
Re ADC job - yes, you are being cynical re a female filling the post.  ;) Selection is on equal merit as you say, though the person who you might be doing the ADC job for would probably give a preference from the top 3 that MCM Div have selected who could fill the post.

First, you should be congratulated on being put forward for the ADC post for only the cream are.  :) Ring up an ADC who you know or on recommendation from a friend, and ask him/her what being an ADC is like.

Second, as a career job it is excellent. You see a totally different side to the Army and it will prepare you for senior appointments.

Third, it is hard work but great fun and extremely rewarding. You must of course get on with whoever you are looking after (have a chat to someone you knows him or his previous ADC) - and if you think you can - then go for it.

Good luck !


For the avoidance of doubt - I was just told "here's a list of jobs that are free when you're due posting" - It was be no means suggested that I, or anyone else in the Regt, was to be recommended for the ADC job or any of the other jobs.

Thank you for the advice, though - much appreciated.


War Hero

I think I know who you are...

If you would care to spk on this matter then I'll be in the office on Mon + Tues next week and can probably offer you the latest take on the list of Capts jobs that your Corps is publishing.

PM me and I'll give you my VPN number.
Dangermouse, why are you enquiring about jobs such as ADC? You have neither the aptitude or ability to be recommended for such appointments.
Technical Adjutant is what you should be looking at within your Corps, just look at the two in Elmpt and you will see that you may be succesful in such an appointment.

Now shut up you fool!!!!!!!!!!!!
ADC appojntments do not suit everybody. (you will have to trust me on this). But with the right boss, and a good location they can be fantastic fun. They are usually Acting Captains.

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