ADAT - Army Dependents Assurance Trust

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by TangoZeroAlpha, Sep 7, 2005.

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  1. I started this scheme away back many years ago and am still a member (I think) and deductions are taken every month from my pay. As I am to be redundant soon I want to investigate the options of taking this into civi street.

    Anyone know how and where these people are and how to contact them?

  2. Well, have I asked a hard question or what?

    Posted over 24 hours ago - 45 views and not one reply - surely someone out there knows the answer.

    You have all failed the ADAT test!!

  3. Ok I'll bite, Ask your RAO for the details of their new address which appears in DSPSI330/68.
  4. Paymaster

    to take the question one step further ... is it worth keeping??

  5. Free financial advice ......? Now you are taking the Mick!

    Seriously on leaving you and your (independant) financial advisor should carry out a full review of your affairs and your insurance portfolio should be included in that review. I don't know your circumstances or financial position so any advice would be a shot in the dark.
  6. :D :D

    Thanks for that

    seriously though, my question was more to do with the obselescence of the scheme than financial advice, most people in the RAO just look blank when you ask questions about ADAT.

  7. That has to be your judgement surely. Just compare the literature from say PAX against ADAT and decide which is best for you.
  8. ADAT literature???? is there any nowadays??

    Can't judge anything without more info, took this out as a sprog 20++ years ago all i remember is i have x units that will pay out if i snuff it, but whether that is comparable to PAX or not - who knows.

    Grateful for direction to ADAT literature.

    Even Google with "Quotes" comes up with Nil Punkt :-(

  9. Try this; get their address (see my post above), write to them and ask for their literature and then ...... RTFM.
  10. Blimey, testing my memory here as I left in '88. As far as I remember, it was a voluntary scheme whereby you could provide for an additional income for your wife and family should you pop your clogs during army service. Once you left the army, and thereby stopped paying said monthly fee, all entitlements ceased. If you are still serving your unit paymaster should put you right, unless of course he has done a runner with the unit's funds, as if that would ever happen! (New thread needed to cover all the times this has happened)
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  11. Some info here: Army Dependants' Trust

    This is NOT advice, but rightly or wrongly my understanding was that dependants' eligibility ended on the subscribing member leaving the service. In other words, much like an insurance premium on a policy on which you (or in fact your dependants) haven't had to claim.
  12. oldbaldy

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    Not only isn't he serving but as 9 years have passed since the question was asked he's claiming his Old Age Pension. :)
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  13. I too had ADAT '88, which was changed to Sterling Life Insurance (SLI) when I upped the insurance.

    You could probably look there.