Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by REMFQuestions, Aug 7, 2010.

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  1. one arrser put it on another thread.

    The 91 year experiment has come to an end (and hopefully you with it).

  2. Cue the petulant light blue crayon of doom ...
  3. Hell, we (The Corps) might as well absorb what little little intelligence input your organisation has. We could prob improve it anyway.

    What does the A2 do...really?? A couple of briefs on Taliban SAM's now and again. I think we can handle the RAF workload.
  4. so how would you react if Adastra were one day to be found wearing a cypress green beret instead of light blue? acceptable solution for everyone...? :)
  5. Now that is a horrible thought. However, the merest hint of a PFT and/or CFT should be enough to scare off the overwhelming majority of the RAF, including Adasrta, whatever it is he actually does in crab land.
  6. Here we go with the RAF slating crap again.
    Having served both sides of the coin, I can tell you for a FACT, tat the RAF fitness standards have been increased dramatically, to the same standard as the army,a nd although it is only the RAF Regiment that do a CFT style fitness test, as, lets face it, 'quins will never need to carry full CEFO, they do however, have difficult bleep test, situp and pressup requirements. So much so, that many units are bringing them in bi-annually, and time limits have been set for passing the tests before the big heave-ho is required for the fat, lame and lazy.

    It really ******* annoys me that there is this constant crap, from crap hats, spouting shit about things they know **** all about.

    Now, with that rant over, to the other serious issue.

    With the kind of cuts being talked about, who is to say that the required level of MI, signals, transport (blanket stackers) etc will be required.

    Don't for one minute believe that the cuts will be purely teeth arms (for which the original poster obviously knows **** all about), as, if stated cuts go forth, the SUPPORT arms will taken an equal % cut also.

    Also remember, although the Civil Service will try and safeguard their jobs, lets face it, with the right re-structuring, the MOD CS brigade need severely cutting, we do not need 1 civil servant to every serving HM Forces personnel, make that 1 to 4/5 or even 1/10 if the re-structuring is completed along the lines of a PLC rather than "jobs for the boys/mates/etc".

    Talk sense or don't talk at all.
  8. You need help getting your dummy back in?


    As for the shit you posted above -

    RAF fitness standards are not the same as the Army. Publish the DIN link or be quiet.

    As for the levels of MI support. I don't see anyone from my branch whinging like **** whenever anyone takes the piss out of them. Grow some ******* balls or get back over to e-Goat.

    Talk sense or don't talk at all? You might want to apply that to your own posts. As Roadster already pointed out, albeit politely, your ramblings are bordering on nonsensical.
  9. I fully agree with your closing comment; it's just a pity you posted such drivel prior to that.

    RAF fitness standards have increased dramatically over recent years, but they are not up to the same standard as the British Army. The approach the RAF has taken to encourage personnel not just to achieve the 'basic' standard of fitness, but to push themselves that little bit further is commendable. However, I suspect there will need to be a complete change of mindset and it will take a good few years for the old and bold RAF SNCOs to retire before your generation of leaner RAF service personnel is truly born.

    On your other point about the reduction in MI posts, you might like to know that the Intelligence Corps is still growing. DINT will happily take any dividend from the loss of an armoured brigade and use the Intelligence Corps manpower to fill the newly created MI posts elsewhere.
  10. Just to add a bit of perspective, and I know the anti RAF brigade will wade in here, having worked alongside the Army in Germany you have to appreciate the two different approaches to physical fitness. My understanding is that the army factor in fitness as part of their normal daily training, be it formation runs, set gym sessions with PTIs or complete beastings in full combat load. The RAF on the other hand don't, if you're working shift you fix jets all the time, or watch radar screens etc, the difference being that the army trains for their war role while the RAF generally does the war role as the day job. This means that the fitness training that is just part of the weekly grind for you is actually an add-on over and above 'normal working' - now my argument was that if the physical side was so important (to us) then it should be factored in to the normal working day like the army and extra manpower provided to cover the day job, as this was never done the phys couldn't have been that important.

    As someone pointed out, I am a Cold War dinosaur and things have changed dramatically since I left only five years ago but you can't compare Army and RAF fitness training regimes until time is allocated for training in the same way
  11. 1. Why do the RAF have PTI's then?
    2. Are you implying that the Army don't conduct their day to day shifts as per their RAF counterparts? I am pretty sure the REME work on vehicles and the Linguists man headsets and the...etc etc ad infinitum

    Either way this thread is deviating away from baiting AdAstra.
  12. 1. Good question, I suppose we have to find something for the narcissistic members of society to do, pool attendants mainly, hence when there were planned cut-backs in their ranks a few years back they suddenly discovered how important they were to war-fighting (0% at the time as they has no war-roll), and the importance of fitness training etc (which probably had some truth in it but was a desperate attempt to avoid the chop)

    2. No I'm not, sorry if that's the impression I gave, I've only worked with inf, Int and Signals so don't know much about REME, doesn't change the fact that their phys was factored into their daily routines but not ours so anything was over and above, all manpower was necessary for the day-job or so we were told when the question was asked

    Sorry about deviating - I kind of thought someone might want a balanced view, what with this not being the NAAFI and all......
  13. Absolutely but the 'real' discussion is under way over on the Current Affairs thread (and raging haha).

    Balanced view is good...still waiting for the spectre of AdAstra and his stable belt jokes to appear though...what's the matter Addy? Cat got your tongue on this one or are you desperately trying to figure out some sort of inadequate response?
  14. i find it quite amusing that people become so affronted - occasionally even rabid - just because a member of the RAF posts on here occasionally. over the years, the guy has been the victim of death threats, numerous polls, and countless threads debating precisely how much of a cunt he is.

    i can't help thinking that adastra would be an invaluable addition to the interrogation world... he certainly knows how to push people's buttons and get them talking... :)

    so waddya reckon - is adastra overlooked, under-rated, and potentially the Hanns Scharff of his time?
  15. 14 years in the Corps (and owner of an original JSIW tie) and I'd totally forgotten about Scharff. Thank you for bringing up his name again...... mind you, I never thought I'd see a thread devoted to adastra. Quite an educational Sunday afternoon in many ways.

    To misquote somebody or other, "You sir, are no Hanns Scharff..."