Adastra... coincedence?..

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dontdreamit, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. Imagine my surprise when driving past Telford I came across a shiny green MOD fence denoting one of our glorious establishments.

    Or a RAF base.

    Across from said sparkling military camp was a small run down dilapidated cafe known as..AdAstra.


    I think not!

    Could it be the one who bugs us actually took his name from the very. same. cafe.
  2. Or from the RAF motto - Per Ardua Ad Astra.

    Which roughly translates as "Hard smelly penis".
  3. A correction.

    "Per" translates as "for each".

    Thus, "For each hard smelly penis".

    Evidently an offer.
  4. If either of you had spent any timne at SOAS, you would know that this is a Roman corruption of the Assyrian Akkadian tongue.

    In this context, an establishment of sustenance or refreshment, Ardua is literally translated as " Bin Looney"

    The correct translation is
    "for each Bin Looney, a smelly penis"

    BTW he is a bit quiet these days. Is he playing a 24-week residence at the Kajaki Empir, or has he finally run off with Pickled Jelly + 1771 ?
  5. On Classic FM the other day during thier lunchtime request slot there was a call from a little girl who sounded about 9. Her name was "Adastra" "what a pretty name" said the presenter. FFS who calls their kid Adastra? (obvioulsy the answer here is Adasra's parents). hope the poor kid never stumbles on her namesake.
  6. The very complex and classic language of Jannerism translates "Per Ardua Ad Astra" as "A c0ck and a Fcukwit"

    Spooky :D
  7. eye_spy, is your avatar a tranny?
  8. If it is, it has a lovely set of bangers! :D
  9. How the feck should I know (Despite my last posting)

    I found it on the ARRSE avatars list and liked the view!

    I hope it's not else I am going to have to change it.
  10. Yeah right, too much influence from your last posting methinks!
  11. I'd have spelt the word 'Coincidence' myself - especially since it was going to be in a header. (Have to say, I am waiting for Spazros the Bellend and his world of experience to correct me though!)
  12. Back on topic...........One of three places it can be.....back end of Shawbury or Bridgnorth....what road were you on?
  13. Road from Telford to Chester.

    Mil base left hand side, lots of pine trees. AdAstra cafe right hand side.
  14. It's either what used to be RAF Tilstock or Sleap Airfield then, both of which still belong to MOD
  15. You are thinking of the AdAstra Service Station just across the road from Ternhill Barracks. Ternhill used to be an RAF base, but the Infanty took over the Barracks, and the Airfield is used by the Air Training Corps as a Glider Training school. The name just stuck apparently after the RAF left and moved to RAF Shawbury.