Adaptable Able Capable


War Hero
The light blue theme at RIAT last weekend


Mr Torpy wasn't impressed when I pointed out the initials, next year they're doing


You really could not make it up!
Nice one FDJ. ;)

Of course, the correct one should be;


What manner of uniform was Mr Torpy wearing this time? Growbag with medals, high heels and a tricorn hat with a large Peacock feather in it?

His standard of (un)uniform is more akin to a banana republic dictator! He just makes it up as he goes along.

The RAF - the non aggresive wing of EasyJet.

I see the fisheads are going down the corporate, PR marketing babble too. Was driving past VL the other week and saw lots of banners on the fence with;

Top Class Employer with Top Class People. Modern and Relevant, Capable and Resilient

What a load of tripe. It could have been a marketing slogan for any random company. I'll bet it was worth a large sum of money to a PR blue chip firm.

We should have a universal Armed Forces slogan along the lines of 'British Forces. We kill people'. At least you will attract the right sorts. ;)
This was publicly mentioned at DASC's end-of-season conference last year. You'd think that nine months would be enough time to jumble the letters a bit but noooo.
USAF transports...

Was called MAC = maybe airplane come
Now called AMC = airplane might come
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